‘Dept. Netflix movie H ‘Dark Horse: what we know so far

Netflix Doubles Dark Horse Comics Adaptations After Recently Announcing Women killer with Blake Lively as well as Grendel to add to its fold with The Umbrella Academy and Polar. The next live-action adaptation of their graphic novels will be a sci-fi thriller called Depth, based on the graphic novel series of the same name.

Netflix’s Department H will be led by the director Alice waddington, whose credits include The paradisiacal hills with Emma Roberts and Milla Jovovich and I am me. The H Department screenplay is written by TS Nowlin who has written for films such as The maze Runner series, Pacific Rim 2, Luminous 2 and more.

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The film falls under the lucrative first look deal with Dark Horse Entertainment and Netflix, and given how important this deal is to the streamer, Depth is a high priority, with a director search taking months before finally focusing on Waddington. Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg and Paul Schwake of Dark Horse Entertainment will produce. Here’s everything we know about Netflix Depth:

What is the plot of Depth?

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by netflix Depth is based on the popular Dark Horse Comics graphic novel of the same name. Written and illustrated by Matt Kindt and colored by Sharlene Kindt, it has been published since April 2016.

The original story takes place after a renowned scientist is mysteriously killed at a deep sea research station and his estranged daughter is sent six miles below the surface to investigate. With the pressure building and the waters rising, she must race against time to solve the murder as she uncovers the truth behind the station’s goal.

Here is the official logline of the story of the first volume of the Depth graphic novel:

Mia is a special investigator hired to uncover a possible sabotage taking place at a research station on the high seas, where a bitter and paranoid crew tries to keep the base functional. What she discovers is a mind-boggling crime scene filled with suspects with terrible secrets, strange deep-sea creatures, and impending flooding!

Who is thrown Depth?

As of October 2021, no cast member has been announced for Netflix Depth.

What is the state of production of Depth?

by netflix Depth is currently in active development with the script being written and a production date should be set in the coming months.

What is the Netflix release date for Depth?

Netflix has not set a release date for Depth, but given its early stage of development in October 2021, we would probably expect a release in late 2022 or even 2023.

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