Deep Space Nine back in animated series?

With the recent success of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s brief return to Star Trek: Lower Decks, that question arises.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans have been waiting for the return of the characters that made this series phenomenal and unforgettable, hoping that Star Trek: The Next Generation wouldn’t be the only series to bring its characters back to the screen. Star Trek: Lower Decks gave fans reason to hope when Nana Visitor, who portrayed Kira Nerys, and Armin Shimerman, who portrayed Quark, made guest appearances in the sixth episode of Lower Decks’ third season.

Screenrant recently pointed out that Lower Decks has proven that Deep Space Nine will work as an animated series, provided Avery Brooks returns as Captain Sisko and Ira Steven Behr returns as showrunner. Those are two big ifs.

Ira Steven Behr and his team had already come up with ideas for season eight of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In the Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind, ideas for a season eight included Section 31’s infamous plot against Bajor, the mysterious death of Captain Nog, which most likely would have led to an all-out hunt by the entire crew. from Deep. Space Nine, and finally, Captain Sisko’s return from his time with the Prophets. It is therefore clear that Behr and his team are not short of ideas to continue the series.

But would an animated series work? Most of the time when you watch animation, you think of comedy, even though Star Trek: The Animated Series didn’t go in that direction. This series didn’t last very long, but some pretty stellar episodes did air. And Captain Sisko is back in a comic book series. So why couldn’t an anime series work for the Deep Space Nine team, especially when some of the cast have expressed interest in returning? Maybe it’s time for fans to get their voices heard on social media to encourage Paramount+ to keep it that way. With the success of The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager animated characters, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t work.

What do you think? Would you watch a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine animated series?

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