DC is developing an animated Crisis on Infinite Earths trilogy

DC is reportedly planning a three-part animated adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which would bring together different versions of its heroes.

New rumors say that the animation department of DC Comics is preparing a trilogy of original films based on Crisis to Infinite Land.

The rumor was reported by producer and film critic Matías Léorta, who said on Twitter: “SCOOP: DC is supposed to be preparing a three-part animated adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, which would bring together different versions of its heroes. If that’s true, the trilogy could bring together not only characters from the much-loved DC animated universe – an ongoing continuity of TV shows, spanning from the 1992 debut of Batman: The Animated Series and ending with the conclusion in 2005 of Justice League Unlimited – but also from DC Animated Movie Universe, television shows like Teens Titans Where Harley Quinn, shorts like the DC Showcase collection or countless others.

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Crisis to Infinite Land was a twelve-issue miniseries that ran from April 1985 through March 1986. The story aimed to end the DC Multiverse, by reducing the various Parallel Earths the company had introduced over the years into one (mostly) streamlined continuity. Crisis ended up being not only a bestseller, but a turning point for DC and for superhero comics as a whole, signaling a shift in direction towards darker stories for a more mature audience. Two sequels followed the miniseries: Infinite Crisis in 2005 and Final Crisis in 2008. It was also adapted into a multi-episode crossover across the various shows of the Arrowverse.

DC has released 45 original animated feature films, starting with Superman: judgment Day in 2007. During this time, there were two serials following continuities in progress: the DCAMU, composed of about fifteen films between Justice League: The Breaking point Paradox in 2013 and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War in 2020; and the “Tomorrowverse”, which includes Superman: Man of tomorrow, Justice Society: World War II and the two parts Batman: The Long Halloween.

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DC has confirmed that three animated films are currently in the works. The first, inspired by the anime Catwoman: hunt, will be released on February 8. Screenwriter Greg Weisman said the film’s continuity was “adjacent” to its long streak. Young Justice. Two other features were announced at DC FanDome 2021: Green Lantern: You must beware My Power and Battle of the Great Son, the latter of which will be the first DC Universe film to be computer-animated. Additionally, an animated adaptation of Metal Men was heralded as being directed by longtime Disney directors Ron Clements and John Musker, as well as a film based on characters from Milestone Comics including Static, Icon and Hardware.

Most of DC’s animated movies and TV shows are available to stream on HBO Max.

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