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DALLAS, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – cosme, a global experiential media and immersive technology company, today announced it will produce an eight-part 360-degree virtual reality series highlighting the richness and diversity of life in Tokyo. Appointed Tokyo Origami, the series will feature stories of temples and skyscrapers, tradition and high technology, conformity and counterculture told by local Japanese storytellers. Tokyo Origami episodes will be available exclusively on Oculus headsets from July 28, help people experience Japan although they will not be able to attend this summer’s games.

“Cosm Studios is delighted to announce this one-of-a-kind series for Oculus,” said Neil Carty, vice-president, head of Cosm studios and laboratories. “During filming in Japan, during a pandemic, was not without its challenges, it provided us with a unique opportunity to transport the public to this diverse and vibrant city. The team have worked expertly to capture the energy of everyday life, taking viewers on a visual, cultural and often astonishing journey. “

Produced by Cosm Studios, the series explores a range of themes, from traditional Japanese life to subterranean subcultures, while capturing from Japan love of sports, including breakdance and karate. The behind-the-scenes production of the series has become a story in itself. The team overcame several unique challenges filming the series during a pandemic, resulting in a highly collaborative and innovative approach on the ground.

The collaboration brought together nearly a dozen filmmakers and producers from the Oculus and Cosm teams in United States, Europe and Japan to capture stories from all corners of the city and beyond.

“We chose to shoot Tokyo Origami using a very authentic documentary style approach, focused on people and real stories,” said the director, Robin Sip. “We wanted to present life in Tokyo today, without relying on old clichés and stereotypes, but rather highlighting the incredible diversity of the city’s inhabitants, from Shinto spiritualism to the touching story of an Otaku’s life in Akihabara. “

The eight-part series will be available at July 28, and feature short individual episodes in English and Japanese, including:

From fish market to sushi. Follow the day in the life of an acclaimed sushi chef, from morning visits to the fish market to his meticulous preparation of dishes served to patrons at a traditional Japanese sushi bar.

Karate in Japan: Train your heart to be authentic. Watch six-year-old Daiki learn the art of Karate at home and on the beaches of Okinawa, fulfilling his dreams of learning the old ways of the new Olympic sport.

Life on the roads of Japan: A trip with Scooter Girl. Ride with Japanese designer “Scooter Girl” as she tours the popular Iza Peninsula with locals. Tokyo residents for its mountains, scenic coastlines, rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters.

What Shintoism means to me. Enter a Shinto shrine and its colorful gardens with a young woman and her friends to learn about Shintoism and its role in Japanese life and culture. Explore the rituals and ceremonies to discover their meaning.

Japanese B-Boys and B-Girls. Discover the modern Tokyo Street dance movement, inspired by hip-hop and breakdance, first popularized in the mid-1990s and renewed with new energy as it prepares to make its debut as an official Olympic sport in 2024.

Through the eyes of an Otaku. Explore Akihabra “Electric Town”, a popular retro video game store and underground gaming cafe in Tokyo with an Otaku. Visit him at home, hear his touching story, and find out how she made him the person he is today.

Tattoos and taboos in Tokyo. Visit a traditional tattoo parlor in a dimly lit alley and witness an intricate story unfolding in ink on a man’s body. Access inside Department-H, an underground club dedicated to from Japan fascination with cosplay. Hear from the creator of this world and the designer of the elaborate costumes that clubbers wear.

Day in the life of two career women. Meet a new class of confident women – Risako, a young fashion designer who uses virtual reality to design her pieces, and internet entrepreneur Imada-san, who dreams of empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs in Japan.

About Cosm

cosme is a global technology company that is redefining the way the world experiences content in three primary markets: Sports & Entertainment, Science & Education, and Parks & Attractions. Cosm companies include Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, Inc. and Cosm Immersive with 150 employees worldwide.

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