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The next horror series Chapelwaite presents a talented and diverse cast. Based on Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot”, a prequel to his 1975 novel Lot of Salem, the show was written by Peter and Jason Filardi and shot on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chapelwaite is scheduled for the first time on Epix on August 22, 2021.

Named for the ancestral home of the Boone family, Chapelwaite follows a captain named Charles Boone and his three children, Honor, Loa and Tane. After the tragic death of Charles’ wife, the little family return to a deceptively sleepy Maine town called Preacher’s Corner to settle in Chapelwaite. There they have to face vampires, racism and a dark family history that threatens to sow terror in the city.

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The cast of Chapelwaite ranges from Oscar-winning actors to newcomers. Although there are only five main characters, the series includes dozens of supporting roles. Here is the full cast of Chapelwaite, and where you might know them from.

Adrien Brody as Captain Charles Boone

Adrien Brody stars in Chapelwaite as Captain Charles Boone, the show’s protagonist, who must care for his three children amid grief and gruesome revelations. Brody rose to fame in Hollywood after winning the 2003 Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in Roman Polanski The pianist (2002) at 29, the youngest to win in this category. Brody’s other acting roles include popular films such as Midnight in Paris (2011), King Kong (2005), and The thin red line (1998). He has also appeared in four Wes Anderson films: The French dispatch (2021), The Grand Hotel Budapest (2014), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), and Darjeeling Limited (2007).

Emily Hampshire as Rebecca Morgan

Emily Hampshire plays Rebecca Morgan, an aspiring, educated and ambitious journalist who is ahead of her time and out of place in Preacher’s Corner. She takes a nanny job for the Boone children with the intention of later writing a story about them. Previous Hampshire film roles include Angelina in the 1998 romantic comedy A boy meets a girl and Vivienne in the 2006 romantic comedy-drama Snow cake, which starred Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. Her television roles include the role of Misery in the Canadian animated series Ruby shadow and Jennifer Goines in Syfy’s 12 monkeys. Hampshire received six Canadian Screen Awards for his supporting role in the popular comedy series Schitt Creek like Stevie Budd.

Jennifer Ens as Honor Boone

Jennifer Ens as Honor Boone in Chapelwaite

Jennifer Ens plays the eldest daughter of Charles, who becomes the parental figure of her siblings after the death of her mother. She is unhappy with the city as she is old enough and observant enough to know when she and her siblings are the target of racism. Chapelwaite is the first onscreen role of Ens. She told interviewers that she was thrilled to be cast on the show and revealed that she was given the role after just one self-registration. Ens also said that she enjoyed collaborating with the other cast members on the show and that working with Brody was “Ilike a masterclass” (Going through Principle of pop culture).

Sirena Gulamgaus as Loa Boone

Sirena Gulamgaus portrays Loa Boone, Charles’s middle child and youngest daughter. Loa has a harder time than the others because a bone deformity when she was younger meant she had to wear uncomfortable and awkward leg braces. Sirena’s first acting role played Aisha Yasin in Canadian thriller series Black orphan. She also played Amira Hamed in the TV series Transplantation & Ashley Woodhouse in Mystery Horror Movie of 2018 Hellmington and also appeared in the shorts “Winter” (2015) and “What we see “ (2021).

Ian Ho as Tane Boone

Ian Ho as Tane Boone in Chapelwaite

Ian Ho plays the youngest Boone child and only boy, Tane Boone. Ho’s Notable Roles Include Ryan’s Role In The TV Series The Handmaid’s Tale and Jacob Zellman in the 2020 Netflix Original Film A babysitter’s guide to monster hunting. He is also credited as a voice actor in children’s television shows Pikwik Pack and Blue’s Clues & you. Ho landed her first major movie role at just seven as Nicky Nelson in the 2018 black comedy thriller A simple favor, with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick.

The actors and supporting characters of Chapelwaite

Trina Corkum as Mary Dennison – Trina Corkum is best known for her roles in the 2019 film Old girl and the TV series Diggstown.

Gord Rand as Martin Burroughs – Gord Rand played a role in Black orphan alongside Sirena Gulamgaus and also appeared in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Genevieve DeGraves as Apple Girl – Genevieve DeGraves acting credits include the movies Let it snow (2019) and Slasher (2016), as well as the television series Jupiter’s legacy.

Allegra Fulton as Ann Morgan – Allegra Fulton is best known for her small roles in John Q (2002) and The shape of water (2017).

Dean Armstrong as Dr JP Guilford – Dean Armstrong has appeared in a few movies and several TV shows, including Supernatural and Insomnia. He also works as an actor coach, and his clients include The vampire diary‘Nina Dobrev.

Devante Senior as Able Stewart – Devante Senior appeared in the 2021 TV movie Salt-N-Pepa, as well as the upcoming black comedy film Large golden brick.

Michael Hough as Daniel Thompson – Michael Hough appeared in the 2020 horror film County Hell Boys, as well as television series such as Game Of Thrones and Murdoch Mysteries.

Sébastien Labelle as Robert Boone – Sébastien LaBelle appeared in the 2017 film black cop, as good as Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It in 2014, and the derivative series Trailer Park Boys: prison.

Steven McCarthy as Stephen Boone – Steven McCarthy has appeared in over 60 on-screen productions, including the 2020 film Pieces of a woman and the TV series Mary kills people, for which he won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance in a Guest Role, Drama Series in 2018.

Glenn Lefchak as Fletcher – Glenn Lefchak appeared in the original Boys in the trailer park series, as well as the spinoffs Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series and Trailer Park Boys: prison, among other roles in film and television.

Julian Richings as Phillip Boone – Julian Richings is known for his roles in X-Men: The Final Showdown (2006) and the original Superman film Steel man (2013).

Joanne Boland as Rose Mallory – Joanne Boland had roles in the movies X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), Saw IV (2007), and Land of the dead (2005). She has also appeared in television shows such as Murdoch Mysteries and Schitt Creek.

Christopher Heyerdahl as Jakub – Charles Heyerdahl is known for his role as Mayor George Maynard in the Disney movie Go, with Willem Dafoe. He has also appeared in numerous television series including Van Helsing and Pure, and won the 2013 ACTRA Award for Best Male Performance for his role in the television series Hell on wheels.

Charlie Rhindress as Carl Cutler – Charlie Rhindress has appeared in several TV shows, including Haven and Boys in the trailer park, as well as films such as Red rover (2003) and Turn Paige (2001).

Acadia Colan as Marcella Boone – Acadia Colan’s feature film roles include The last library (2017) and Saul at night (2019). She also starred in the upcoming short film Beast Girl (2021).

Jennie Raymond as Alice Burroughs – Jennie Raymond has appeared on TV shows such as Haven, Diggstown, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

David Rossetti as Joseph Palmer – Prior to Chapelwaite, David Rossetti is known for his role in the 2019 film Old girl, as well as appearances in television series such as Diggstown and Boys in the trailer park.

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