Castlevania director praises One Piece after animation explosion

A piece turned a lot of heads thanks to the new style of animation that was implemented for the story of the Arc of Wano, featuring the Straw Hat Pirates and their never-before-looking foes, and the director of Netflix Castlevania praised the recent episode via social media. With the story of Trevor Belmont and his vampire-killing friends becoming one of the most popular original animated series on the streaming service, the director of Powerhouse Animation is definitely praising Eiichiro Oda’s animated adaptation. with the stellar animation of its last episode highlighted.

As A piece Approaching her thousandth episode in the animated series, a fan-favorite director has emerged at Megumi Ishitani, whose skills have elevated the series, according to many fans, to approach the quality of the film than that of a weekly series. With the latest installment bringing together both the Beast Pirates and Wano’s Resistance fighters, it’s clear that the War for Wano Arc, which still continues in the pages of a piece manga, is sure to be not only one of the most action-packed battles in the series yet, but also one of the best anime if the quality is true to what we’ve seen in recent episodes.

Samuel Deets, a Powerhouse Animation director who was instrumental in the creation of Netflix Castlevania series to life, shared their praise for the animation used in the latest installment of A piece, wondering how the hell the Shonen series was able to maintain insane quality on a weekly schedule:

While many fans were disheartened when it was initially announced that Castlevania would end its stellar run on Netflix with its fourth season, the creative minds of Powerhouse Animation were able to appease many by revealing that the franchise would return with a new animated series that set out to follow a new Belmont that would kill hundreds of vampires in years after the events of the animated series. Introducing Richter Belmont and Maria to Netflix, two popular video game characters that originally appeared in Castlevania: Rondo de sang, Netflix is ​​all-in on the Belmont clan.

Do you think the final episode of One Piece is the best animated episode of the series yet? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things about comics, cartoons, and the Straw Hat world.

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