Can Netflix’s “Big Mouth” Finally Take Emmy Win for the Animated Program?

After gradually gaining momentum since the show premiered on Netflix in 2017, “Big Mouth” appears to be finally on the verge of scoring its first win for Best Animated Program in Part 1 of the ceremony. of the Sunday Night Creative Arts Emmys. It also doesn’t hurt that last year’s champion “Rick and Morty” was not eligible to compete this year. But it will face stiff competition from three previous winners in this category as well as a program that won several awards last year.

“Big Mouth” premiered their season four premiere, “The New Me”. Nickname (Nick kroll) arrives at summer camp and reconnects with his old friend, Seth (Seth Rogen). When André (John mulaney) arrives, Nick tries to make Andrew jealous of his friendship with Seth, but Andrew and Seth end up getting very close. Things get tough for the boys when they realize that a friend of theirs is transgender and now attends camp as Natalie (Josie totah). When Natalie goes to the girls’ bunk, Jessi (Jessi klein) is determined not to love her but ends up befriending Natalie. Nick’s jealousy of Andrew and Seth’s friendship causes him to have a panic attack and is bitten by Tito the anxious mosquito (Maria bamford).

“Big Mouth” is in a solid position to win this. The episode received universal praise for its portrayal of pre-teens facing anxiety as well as the way it portrays Natalie by presenting himself to his peers as trans and casting a trans actress to voice the character. After securing a nomination for Best Music and Lyrics for the first time, the show has been nominated for Best Animated Program for the past two years. Last year, the program won two Emmy Awards for Best Character Voiceover Performance (for Maya rudolphe, which is nominated again this year) and Best Interactive Derivative Program for an Instagram Story Series titled “Big Mouth Guide to Life”.

If there’s one show that could bring down “Big Mouth,” it could be Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Primal,” a series centered around a caveman and a dinosaur who become companions after the two face off against each other. ‘horrible tragedies. The submitted episode, “Plague of Madness,” sees the duo encounter another dinosaur infected with a flesh-eating virus that makes them look like a zombie. When the infected reptile sees the two, they become its next target. They are chased by the mad dinosaur and end up tricking him into running away from a cliff. The weight of the infected dinosaur causes it to fall into a sea of ​​magma, and the caveman and his dinosaur friend watch the infected dinosaur slowly and painfully succumb to its surroundings. Tartakovsky brought enormous weight to this project by creating Emmy award-winning programs such as “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “Samurai Jack” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars”. After airing the first half of the first season on Adult Swim in 2019, the show won three juryed animation awards at last year’s Emmy Awards. It is possible that the violence in the episode is a brake for some, but the former winners (notably the episode “Pickle Rick” of “Rick and Morty”) were able to win with a very graphic violence. Remember that the people who vote for this award are specifically in the animation branch of TV Academy and that an author project at this level could be like catnip to them.

“Bob’s Burgers” is back and this year the program is nominated for “Worms of In-Rear-Ment,” the second episode of the series 11 season. Linda can’t wait to take the family out for an evening at the symphony, but those plans soon collapse when Gene realizes he has contracted pinworms. As Linda tries to do whatever she can to make sure the family outing always goes smoothly, everyone else in the family realizes that they may have been exposed, which makes Fear fear. Linda for being a bad mother. Having already won the category twice (for “Mazel-Tina” in 2014 and “Bob, Actually” in 2017) means this show is not to be counted. However, while this episode is very enjoyable and focuses on the reliable family dynamics that made the series so successful, the idea of ​​rewarding an episode about the worm infection seems too much of a stretch.

“South Park” returns to this category for the first time in three years with its hour-long episode, “The Pandemic Special”. The people of the city of Colorado are feeling the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic and it is starting to take its toll on all of them. In the midst of airing a special about his marijuana, Randy worries that as scientists get closer to developing a vaccine, they will discover that his intimate escapades with a bat and pangolin in Wuhan are at hand. the origin of disease transmission to humans. At the same time, teachers refuse to come back to school until they can get vaccinated. This leads to the hiring of unemployed police officers as substitute teachers. There has been a lot of criticism of “South Park” in recent years, especially regarding both the way they approached the Trump presidency as well as their new format of having a continuous storyline throughout. a season. This episode was definitely more in the mold of previous iterations of the series, which won this award five times and is a solid entry, but probably not strong enough to win.

This year’s competition is rounded out with “The Simpsons,” which is honored for “The Dad-Feelings Limited,” the eleventh episode of the series’ 32nd season. Homer and Marge end up befriending Comic Book Guy and his wife, Kumiko, on a quiz night. When Kumiko spends time with Maggie, she tells her husband that she wants children. At first, Comic Book Guy is against it, but begins to change his mind after spending time with Bart and Lisa. When the two are upset and he is unable to comfort them, Comic Book Guy returns home. It is revealed that he found solace in the comics because his father never went to any of his baseball games as a child. Comic Book Guy reconciles with his father and returns to Kumiko, telling him he’s ready to start a family. It’s a surprisingly sweet episode that could score a victory if it pulls the chords of the right people. It’s also impossible to count this show after his 11 wins in this category, with their most recent victory two years ago still being a huge shock.

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