Black Clover Chapter 308: Langris and Finral will face Supreme Devil Zenon

The Japanese manga Black Clover has gathered many readers across the world. After completing 300 chapters, the manga is set to release its chapter 308. Now fans are excited to know what the next installment has in store. But it looks like readers have to wait another week to see the epic battle. Black Clover Chapter 308 is on hiatus this week.

Instead of coming on Sunday, Black Clover Chapter 308 will be released on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Fans must wait to find out how Langris Vaude and his brother Finral Roulacase defeated Zenon and saved Yami Sukehiro. Finral Roulacase and Langris Vaude join forces.

Zenon is also desperate to win against Yuno and Langris. Black Clover 308 Raw Scans will arrive on October 6, 2021.

Black Clover Chapter 308 will begin with Yuno & Langris against Supreme Devil, Zenon. Zenon creates a contract with Devil Beelzebub. He asked the devil Beelzebub to hand over the devil’s heart. Previously we had the past history of Zenon.

Go back: He was not that strong and popular in his childhood. He was beaten up quickly. Despite being one of the gifted champions among the siblings, he still felt insulted for his weakness. But his older brother reminds him not to worry as he had the greatest aptitude to be a host of the devil.

A new boy, Allen comes into her life. He told Zenon he could become the Commander-in-Chief of the Mages Defense Force. Zenon wants to be the commander-in-chief. Both Allen and Zenon were later chosen to be part of Division Four of the Mages Defense Force, with people praising Zenon for his incredible bone magic. However, over time, Zenon turns out to be a masterpiece.

In Black Clover Chapter 307, Zenon stated that he would also share his soul if his contract with Devil Beelzebub worked and the Kingdom of Spade continued to exist. Beelzebub agreed to give up his heart. As soon as Zenon got the heart, his body began to heal the injured chest. Watching the transformation, Langris and Yuno are shocked.

Zenon realizes that his power has doubled after obtaining the Devil’s Heart. To apply his power, he instantly grabs Yono in a cube and begins assaulting him with the help of bones. Black Clover Chapter 307 ends with Langris and Finral holding hands, ready to punish Zenon. Langris & Finral vs The Supreme Devil Zenon will be featured in Black Clover Chapter 308.

All Black Clover chapters are available online at Viz’s website, Manga plus website, and the Shonen Jump app available on Android and IOS. These are legal and free sources and they will publish the chapter on October 10, 2021.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Japanese manga series.

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