Black Clover Chapter 304 spoilers: will Asta help Yuno fight Zenon?

Manga fans are thrilled because Black Clover Chapter 304 didn’t take a break. He should be out on time without any delay. Let’s see what you can have in the next chapter.

Black Clover chapter 304 is titled “Glad Tidings”. The chapter begins with a flashback of Noelle at a young age and her mother Steel Silve carrying her on her arm.

The impending chapter 304 of Black Clover can show a big fight between Zenon and Yuno. Fans wonder if Yuno is able to defeat Zenon based on the incredible power of the devil. However, some theories claim that Yuno will not get any help from Asta in this fight against Zenon.

Black Clover fans believe that together Yuno and Zenon will put an end to the mystery created by the Dark Triad. Yuno, as said before, will not get any help from Asta to be a rival. And if he isn’t able to defeat Zenon on his own, it certainly indicates his defeat.

In the previous chapter, we saw Zenon unleash the full power of his devil, while Yuno unlocked a new mode. Yuno is likely to unleash his full might in the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 304.

The previous chapter of Black Clover revealed that Nozel was cursed as well, his curse being that he couldn’t talk about Megicula and their story. We then saw Nozel and Megicula fight, Nozel admitting that he had become obsessed with power and was getting stronger.

Black Clover Chapter 304 is slated for release on Sunday, August 29, 2021. All Black Clover chapters are available online on the MangaPlus and Viz Media apps and platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on the Japanese manga series.

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