Billboard Japan & TikTok ‘Next Fire’ October – Billboard

J-pop boy group THE SUPER FRUIT streamed a showcase studio live on October 7 as Featured Actor of the Month on next firethe hybrid program produced by Billboard Japan and TikTok.

next fire is a show on TikTok Live that highlights the hottest J-pop artists of the moment, based on Billboard Japan’s TikTok Weekly Top 20 chart. The collaborative project streams live performances and pre-recorded interviews of the featured actor of the month to give fans an in-depth look at their artistry.

The seven members appeared in the studio with the opening music playing in the background, happily greeting the viewers, “Good evening! We are THE SUPER FRUIT! The group immediately kicked off the set with “Seven Fruits” from the mini album SUPER FRUITS, released as a limited edition before the band’s debut. The dynamic and airy rhythm filled the studio with a cheerful atmosphere from the start, and the falsetto voice of the chorus served as a catchy accent that left a lasting impression. From there, the group followed up with a cover of “Gakuen Tengoku” (School Heaven) by pioneering 70s Japanese idol group Finger 5. The beaming members urged fans watching the show to clap and cheer. singing the classic number, and the sharpness of their dancing during the interlude also caught the eye.

After each member introduced themselves, THE SUPER FRUIT continued to perform “Kimi wa Riako Seizouki.” The song features adorable lyrics and melody, with a dance during the chorus that people would want to emulate. The excitement in the comments section kept building, filling with posts calling them “Cute!” and encourage them. The following number, “Bokura no Yoake” (Our Dawn), was performed as a piano ballad, with fans commenting that they were touched by the young and emotional vocals.

The members then addressed viewers with some humble words expressing their current stance as a rookie group: “Today was the first time we performed five songs on a live program,” one member noted, while another shared, “We usually play three songs at release events, so it was a wonderful experience. The group then concluded their showcase performance with ‘Chiguhagu’, the title track of their debut single which stayed at No. 1 on Billboard Japan’s TikTok Weekly Top 20 count for six consecutive weeks.It’s no surprise that the tune has a strong affinity with the short-video sharing platform, as the positive lyrics celebrating diversity perfectly match the cute and fun choreography.

When the song ended, the lights went out as the boys held their final poses and THE SUPER FRUIT show ended, leaving a lingering impression. The showcase set showed the freshness and momentum of a group that started only a year ago. A pre-recorded interview with the members of THE SUPER FRUIT will air on Billboard Japan’s TikTok channel starting October 14, and clips from the live stream will be available on the boy band’s TikTok account.

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