Batman: the 10 best villains of the animated series

Considered by fans to be one of the best interpretations of the character and the world, Batman: The Animated Series is a landmark in superhero storytelling. Dark, art deco visuals, stylistic character designs, and mature, sensitive writing set this show apart from other superhero anime adaptations.

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The show also contains some of the best portrayals of the Batman Thugs Gallery in any additional media of the DC Comics hero outside of the comics. Whether it’s featuring now iconic characters, putting distinct stamps on classic characters, and having perfect versions of characters who haven’t even appeared in live-action movies, these 10 villains prove Batman: The Animated Series has the best villains around

ten Roxy rocket

Roxy Rocket Justice League Action

Roxanne Sutton, aka Roxy Rocket, first appeared in the episode “The Ultimate Thrill” where she was once a Hollywood understudy, but was fired after continually trying to make her stunts more dangerous to satisfy her need. adrenaline rush. Afterward, he decided to set his sights on Gotham City and start working for The Penguin, realizing that a life of crime gave him thrills Hollywood couldn’t.

When she first met Batman, she thought he was a soul mate who shared her penchant for risk taking, but was ultimately disappointed when the feeling was not mutual and she was arrested. Roxy has appeared in other major DCAU properties and has since become a character in the main DC Comics universe.

9 Scarecrow

Batman Facing the Scarecrow - The New Batman Adventures Comic Book

Johnathan Crane is Scarecrow, a villain who explores and exploits people’s fear and turns it into a weapon. His fascination and obsession with fear cost him his job at Gotham State University, so he decided to turn to a life of crime to fulfill his desire to provoke fear.

His run-ins with Batman led him to Arkham Asylum, which proved even more dangerous as he came into contact with other villains who were just as twisted as himself. It had undergone a lot of design changes in the series, with its first appearance decidedly less scary and a bit wacky, but it ended up looking as nightmarish as one might imagine. Scarecrow made a few appearances on the show before truly finding his place as Batman’s formidable foe.

8 Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze in BTAS and mourning his terminally ill wife

When Victor Fries’ wife, Nora, was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he began experimenting with cryogenics at GothCorps. But, when his boss found out how much money the research was costing, he destroyed Victor’s research and threw it in a vat of chemicals.

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This altered his DNA and made him unable to survive temperatures above zero degrees Celsius, and thus Mister Freeze was born, the villain turning to a life of crime in revenge on GothCorps. Freeze has one of the best, most empathetic, and best-explained stories of any of the villains in the series, and his portrayal here has undoubtedly helped inspire his appearance in Batman and robin in 1997.

7 The Ventriloquist and Scarface

Ventriloquist and Scarface in Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures

Andrew Wesker manifested a dominant personality in the form of a supermodel he named “Scarface”. They carried out a series of heists together only to be caught by Batman, and the ensuing fight left Scarface with a pile of broken wood.

Wesker was taken to Arkham Asylum where he sculpted a new Scarface mannequin and began making new plans. These characters are not only visually interesting, but the dual personalities of Wesker and Scarface create an engaging on-screen dynamic when interacting with other characters, and both are really creepy in some scenes.

6 The mad Hatter

Mad Hatter wielding an ax in Batman

Jarvis Tetch’s research specializes in mind control, and it takes a dark turn after he becomes obsessed with his colleague named Alice. He tries to seduce her after a breakup, but Alice misinterprets this as a platonic gesture and gets back together with her boyfriend. This enrages Tetch, who then uses his mind control tech on her.

Batman gets wind of it and confronts Tetch, and, after a long struggle, Batman is able to free Alice and the others and take Tetch to Arkham Asylum. The motivations of this character are disturbing because he is visually interesting. It hasn’t been used in the movies yet, but it would certainly lend itself well enough to live-action.

5 Two sides

Former Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent was a close friend of Bruce Wayne’s and sided with truth and justice before an accident left half of his body disfigured. He suffered a psychotic breakup and manifested a split personality, calling himself Two-Face and turning to a life of crime.

This portrayal of Dent is different from the movies people may be more familiar with. His friendship with Bruce before his accident is well established, as is his relationship with a certain femme fatale. Plus, her dark side manifests in truly terrifying ways that pushes the boundaries of what can be shown in a children’s series.

4 Poisonous sumac

Batman and Poison Ivy from the Batman animated series.

Dr Pamela Isley is Batman’s ultimate femme fatale. Beautiful, intelligent and cunning, she knows exactly what she needs to do to get what she wants. Her love and appreciation for nature and plant life is unmatched, making her motives as a villain accessible to the public.

Its means are debatable, but wanting to save the planet from the hands of greedy and selfish industrialists is quite noble. This version of Ivy is cool and devious while still allowing to show heart and vulnerability when needed. This performance undoubtedly helped make her popular enough for her role in Batman and robin in 1997.

3 Clayface

After actor Matt Hagen was disfigured in a car accident, he was offered to try an experimental compound called “Renuyu”, which would restore his appearance. The other part of the deal used the compound to disguise themselves as other people for shady deals, which ultimately caught Batman’s attention. Batman tries to remind Hagen of his true identity, but Hagen fakes his own death and disappears.

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Easily one of the best portrayals of the Batman villain, Clayface’s animation is one of the best in this show, and its origin is compelling and tragic. His subsequent appearances in the series fully capitalize on his unique powers and make him an intellectual and physical enemy of Batman.

2 Harley quinn

Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn

Dr Harleen Francis Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum when she slowly fell in love with Joker and took them both out of the institution to live a life of crime together. Joker is the only man for Harley, although Joker only seems to want her when he needs something from her and the rest of the time is physically and emotionally abusive.

Harley was created specifically for this series and was only meant for a single episode, but it turned out to be so popular that she brought it back and the rest is history. She’s a ball of fun and energy in an otherwise dark and serious show, and Quinn has had a lot of interesting times with Batman over the years.

1 The Joker

Smiling Joker in Batman The Animated Series Cropped

Brought to a miraculous and emblematic life by the voice of Mark Hammil, the BTAS Joker’s version is one for the history books. Fun, creepy, menacing, and evil, this version of the Clown Prince of Crime is comic-book faithful while innovating and showing him different sides, especially in his relationship with Harley.

The animation is inspired and its dynamic with Batman is one of the best audiences have seen so far. This version of the character is so unpredictable not only with his actions, but with his lyrics and personality, that every episode he finds himself in feels fresh and keeps audiences coming back for more. From animation to writing to voice acting, this Joker is without a doubt one of the best.

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