Batman hints at a DCEU hero’s future in the DC Animated Universe

In Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II, Renee Montoya receives shocking news that could set her on a whole new path in the DCAU.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: The Adventures Continuing Season II # 4, on sale now from DC Comics.

The DC animated universe has stood the test of time and has firmly held its place in the hearts of fans for nearly three decades. Although he hasn’t been a regular part of the DC Multiverse since Unlimited Justice League completed, the characters created for these animated series continued to flourish through comic book adaptations such as Justice League Infinity and Batman: The Adventures Continue. In the final issue of the latter’s second season, a character who made waves in the DCEU has just embarked on a new path that coincides with his comic book history.

Batman faces off against a brand new foe named Muscle who could be as powerful as him in Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II # 4 by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Jordan Gibson, Monica Kubina and Josh Reed. This new villain was hired by Batman: The Animated Series gangster Rupert Thorne to take out Detective Renee Montoya, one of the few cops he couldn’t buy. With Batman’s help, Montoya took down his potential assassin, but at a personal cost.

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As Renee and his girlfriend Gloria visit injured Bruce Wayne in hospital, surprising revelations are made about the results of this caper. A shock is that Rupert Thorne was arrested for hiring the hitman to kill Renee. However, Montoya’s role in this arrest and the arrest of his potential murderer brings the next shock. Montoya briefly mentions that these risky moves cost her her badge, meaning she is no longer a part of the GCPD in the Animated Universe, a potential plot point that also reflects her history in the regular DC Universe.

Although it was created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian for Batman: The Animated Series, she first appeared in Batman # 475 shortly before it appeared on TV. She was one of the main characters of Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark Gotham Central series, which showed how instrumental she was in policing Gotham, but it didn’t last forever. After corrupt officer Jim Corrigan II escaped justice for killing Montoya’s partner, she confronted him and threatened to kill him. Unable to pull the trigger, she let Corrigan go and resigned from the GCPD.

After everything that happened, Renée fell into alcoholism. Her life crumbling, she was chosen by the Question, Vic Sage, to be his successor. After Sage died from lung cancer, Montoya took on the role of the mysterious masked vigilante, completely abandoning his past life as a police officer for a new kind of law enforcement.

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Considering her comic book history, this could be Montoya’s story arc in Batman: The Adventures Continue, too much. This issue has highlighted Montoya’s particular aversion to Batman, particularly the way his self-defense methods play out outside the system and seemingly ignore the work of the police and the courts. While this contradicts her own history of being a vigilante in the DCU, seeing her go from an anti-vigilant voice to a vigilante herself would be an interesting story.

This would relate to what happens with Montoya in the most recent Batman comics too. She recently left her Question character to become Gotham’s new Police Commissioner and has also taken a tough stance against Batman’s vigilantism. This isn’t the first time Renee has gone from cop to vigilante and back again, it has already happened in DC Rebirth. Even his live-action counterpart in the DCEU movie Birds of prey leave the GCPD to become a vigilante. Considering the paths these other versions of Montoya have taken and how much they have in common with DCAU’s here, it’s very possible that she is wearing the Question mask in the world she is from.

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