Batman Creator TAS Officially Gives His Blessing To His Spiritual Successor

Batman The Animated Series creator Paul Dini gave DC writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy his blessing after Murphy realized he had borrowed from the show.

DC writer/artist Sean Murphy revealed to Screen Rant that Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Paul Dini gave his blessing to the Batman: White Knight comics. batman the animated series (also known as Batman: TAS Where BTA) and its many DC Animated Universe (DCAU) offshoots have contributed many characters and storylines to mainstream comics, from Harley Quinn to the origin story of Mr. Freeze. Now that the White knight The series followed in the DCAU’s footsteps by moving the story from a young Bruce Wayne as Batman to an old Bruce Wayne meeting Terry McGinnis in Batman: Beyond the White Knightthe Murphyverse’s deconstruction of the origin of Batman Beyond.


Batman: White Knight highlighted several characters from Batman: TAS and batman beyond, reimagining many concepts for the adult Batman fans they grew up with as kids. Harley Quinn has been a central figure in the story, even getting her own spin-off series chronicling her time as a vigilante, and a love triangle between Harley, Joker, and Batman, while unexpected, fits right into the narrative. Now that Batman: Beyond the White Knight takes on Batman Beyond, not only was Terry McGinnis introduced, but also his nemesis, Derek Powers, presumably soon to be super villain Blight. But Sean Murphy recently realized he was recreating DCAU Batman stories that even he had forgotten about.

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In an interview with Screen Rant at San Diego Comic-Con, Sean Murphy said he reached out to Batman: TAS co-creator Paul Dini, after noticing similarities between the show and his White knight comics that even he hadn’t originally planned. Murphy says:

“I was influenced in a way that I had no idea. There’s an episode called ‘Trial’ and they’re using words like super criminals and asking if Batman should wear a badge and stuff. Like oh , man I stole Paul Dini. I wrote to him, and he was like, ‘I’m fine. I can tell you love Harley.”

It’s no surprise that Dini is impressed with Murphy’s love for BTAbecause he can refer to it without even wanting to.

Sean Murphy had the revelation that he had been influenced by the Batman: TAS episode “Trial” in 2020 while reviewing it for his podcast, BATTASS: The Batman The Animated Series Show Podcast. “Trial” follows Batman as he is forced into a somewhat uneasy alliance with Janet VanDorn, the new post-Harvey Dent district attorney, who vocally opposes Batman’s vigilantism (while also dating Bruce Wayne, ironically enough ). VanDorn is kidnapped alongside Batman and forced to represent him in a kangaroo court held by Batman’s entire gallery of rogues at Arkham Asylum. While VanDorn slowly becomes convinced of Batman’s worth, her initial arguments against his usefulness are what inspired Sean Murphy. “A lot of his opinions…apparently became the Bible of what I wanted to get at in Batman: White Knight,” Murphy noted during the podcast.

When Paul Dini and Bruce Timm created Batman: The Animated Series, they made the perfect introduction to the world of Batman for new fans. With the White knight universe, Sean Murphy has created the perfect reintroduction of the deceased Batman fan who thinks he’s seen it all. The while the White knight the series has never been shy about its respect for BTS, the fact that its major themes were planted in the mind of its creator decades in advance speaks to the universal appeal and malleability of Batman stories.

Source: BATTASS: The Batman The Animated Series Show Podcast

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