Animated series Moon Lake under construction

Heavy Metal Studios partners with Bardel Entertainment (Rick and Morty), Irony Point will adapt Dan Fogler’s Moon Lake in an animated series for adults.

According to Deadline, Moon Lake is a thirty-minute animated television show, hosted by the Man on the Moon, a grotesque character reminiscent of television anthology hosts of the past, such as Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock. Held captive by ‘moon men’ since childhood, The Man prevents these aliens from attacking Earth by endlessly entertaining them with shocking stories of horror and gruesome hilarity. Each episode follows a different set of deranged characters in a strange new setting; Whether it’s following a cavewoman whispering ghosts on prehistoric Earth, a murderous cheerleader in a modern high school, or fighters in a bizarre alien war in space, each story plays out a classic monster campy, horror and sci-fi tropes in a hilarious way.

Our opinion

Comic book adaptations are all the rage right now, hell HBO MAX turned down one the other day. Independent producers will be more sought after given that DC and Marvel comics are talked about, with likes from Amazon, Lion Forge, and the like all profiting in one way or another.

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