Animate will open the “world’s largest anime store” in Japan in March 2023

Retailer Animate reopens one of its largest merchandise stores in Ikebukuro on March 6, 2023 to commemorate its 40th anniversary of operation. The news comes from a report published earlier in November by an anime industry journalist and analyst. Tadashi Sudō of the Journal d’Entreprise d’Animation.

The reopening is part of a new expansion on the site of a former public health center in Ikebukuro. The expanded area will be incorporated into the current location of Ikebukuro with the goal of becoming the “largest anime store in the world”.

Animate also released two ads announcing the grand reopening and showing the floor plan in detail.

The expanded building will have 10 floors in total, including a basement section. Interactive experiences and services will be included alongside anime, manga, and other related products. The floor plan details an event hall, theater space, exhibition area and cafe.

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Animate hopes its new store will connect people who love anime around the world and help them experience it enthusiastically. The purpose of the expansion was due to Ikebukuro’s growing status as a center of pop culture in Japan. The store location will be connected to the Hareza Ikebukuro shopping complex and is expected to become a landmark and a must-see attraction for travelers.

Animate’s Ikebukuro store serves as the retailer’s headquarters in Japan and is the first store that opened in March 1982, across from Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Since its inception, Animate has become the largest chain of anime, manga, and video game retailers in Japan. There are now more than 120 stores worldwide, including in China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. The retailer has also become more involved in the anime industry, helping with animation productions, product development, publishing, and special events.

animate ikebukuro reopened storefront
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More information about the reopening of Animate’s Ikebukuro store can be found on the official company website.

Source: Animation Company Diary, Anime News Network

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