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ANDROS, BAHAMAS – Who knew it would be so fun to make children read and learn life lessons? Painted against the colorful backdrop of the island of Bahama in Andros – the land of crabs, bone fishing, blue holes and 20 pound rock iguanas, the book “Letters to My Mother: Confessions of the Motor # 9 “, written by Bahamian teacher Princess Burrows has successfully brought together the two elements of reading and learning.

Burrows is the author of a children’s book that will have young people glued to the pages. They will be captivated by the rich stories of children like themselves growing up on the island, the lessons they learn even in the midst of their misdeeds.

In “Letters to My Mother,” Baton Gray, affectionately referred to as Engine # 9, is a mischievous boy who is often misled by his friends on Andros. If he’s not the captain of a rubber dinghy, accused by a goat or an accomplice or if he doesn’t deflate the tires of an ice cream truck, the young Baton is having fun like crazy at himself. engage in his childhood adventures. Manipulated by his eight rascals who take great pleasure in leading him into evil, Baton discovers that his life takes a radical turn when he loses one of his closest friends. He now sees life from a new perspective.

The cover of the children’s book by Androsian teacher Princess Burrows “Letters to my mother”.

This intriguing book captures the heart of a young boy who feels compelled to confess his risky shenanigans to his mother while highlighting unforgettable life lessons learned along the way.

A fellow educator, Madame Mickelle Pratt, French teacher at New Providence and author of “Le Debut Conversational French”, the first series of foreign language books written in the Bahamas, said: A fascinating story of fun, family, bad choices , consequences, life lessons, growth and change.

Pratt said each chapter reminded him of the sweetness of Bahamian island life and gave the new generation a glimpse of life back then. Using it as an opportunity to share a story with her young son, who enjoyed the book as much as she did, Pratt noted that the book was filled with vivid descriptions.

“It grabs your attention and stimulates your imagination,” she said.

As a mom, what struck her was that every chapter had a lesson to learn and Engine # 9 surely learned many valuable lessons about making smart decisions.

“This novel is a perfect example of how teens go through the movements and emotions of adolescence and peer pressure… learning and maturing every step of the way. It’s a must read, ”said Pratt.

Also a mother, Burrows understood the importance of having positive reading material that instills critical life lessons in a way that young readers could understand, relate to, and appreciate. A teacher for almost 24 years, she has taught and inspired her students to write compelling stories in their small village of Love Hill.

“Kids learn by example,” Burrows said. “I can tell them to write, but when they see that I am accompanying them in writing, they realize that it is not only foreigners who can write stories or books – they can too.”

Although the book was written for children, adults appreciate it as well. Andros resident Shantell Riley said she read the book cover to cover and enjoyed every part of it. A local manager from Andros gave a copy of the books to his entire graduating class.

Posted by, “Letters to My Mother” is available in Love Hill, Andros, Tammy’s Groceries, DJ’s Buy 4 Less, and Chrispin’s General Store. You can also secure a copy on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

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