An innovative book series to launch a new generation of Welsh writers

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Y pump

An ambitious project is launched to tell the interconnected stories of five characters across five Welsh-language novels.

Y Pump, which launches on July 26, brings together a host of exciting young Welsh writers in a collaborative project that creates a world around five fictional characters who are friends in Year 11 at Ysgol Gyfun Llwyd – Tim, Tami, Aniq, Robyn and Cat.

Each novel is approximately 20,000 words long, Y Pump tells the story of each character one by one, in a first-person narrative, with the stories of the five characters overlapping throughout the five novels.

For all but one of the young writers involved, this will be their first novel, with the authors selected after an open national call to discover the next generation of Welsh writers.

Authors include Megan Angharad Hunter, Mared Roberts, Elgan Rhys, Iestyn Tyne and Marged Elen Wiliam – with one of Wales’ most famous authors, Manon Steffan Ros, writing a prologue for each novel and acting as a mentor creative on the series.

The Y Pump novels embrace the intricacies of a young person’s life today through the stories of the group of friends as they discover the power of their “otherness” when they come together as a community.

The collection aims to celebrate the diversity of Wales today, exploring topics such as race, gender and mental health.


Elgan Rhys, project manager and creative editor, and author of Tim (with Tomos Jones), the first novel in the series, says, “Over the past year, many of us have belatedly realized that we don’t there was no time to be content with our privileges. , or continue to ignore the under-representation in our creative industries.

“Our hope with Y Pump is to encourage more collaborative and inclusive ways to create new work; energize those who are not used to seeing themselves in Welsh literature; and to provide a platform for the next generation of Welsh voices to be authentically reflected. “

Manon Steffan Ros, creative mentor of the series, says: “It has been a real privilege to be part of this project. At the heart of the process was Elgan’s desire to create opportunities to empower new voices within Welsh literature, and he and his fellow authors have created an entertaining, original and compelling series.

The cover of each novel was designed by Steffan Dafydd (@penglogco) with the authors and co-authors providing feedback throughout the process.

Meinir Wyn Edwards, editor at Y Lolfa, said: “Y Lolfa is delighted to publish such powerful and fresh novels for young adults, and they certainly open up new horizons in the Welsh language.

“It’s an ambitious project, and it’s very exciting for Wales to have very talented young writers who have created five novels and five characters that will be remembered for a long time.”

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