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Once upon a time, A dark and grimm tale arrived on Netflix: a witty and unique take on fairy tales from olden times. This 10-part series follows the children Hansel and Gretel, but not the ones you know.

A dark and grimm tale aims to tell the truth about fairy tales… not all of them are sparks and rainbows. The three narrators, who happen to be ravens, point out that real fairy tales are dark and scary, filled with terror and blood.

That’s not to say it’s not a children’s show yet. The fantasy series has unique characters and musical numbers that present the story like a pop-up book. This show can appeal to all ages with its clever comedy and jabs at boring fairytale adaptations.

With as few spoilers as possible, here’s why A dark and grimm tale worth watching.

What happens in the A Tale Dark and Grim series?

Twins Hansel and Gretel ran away from their royal parents after literally killing them. Gretel leads the charge, telling her brother that there is no excuse for parents to behead their children and sew up their heads with magic thread.

Gretel is a strong and confident girl who wants to create a perfect life. Hansel is a somewhat dark but good boy who does his best to protect his sister. This prince and princess have a lot to learn to survive everything from witches and wizards to hell itself.

In their journey to start a new life, Hansel and Gretel venture through several other Grimm Brothers fairy tales and play an important role in the tales. Children don’t know that their own fate is following close behind.

This is now Netflix Described A Tale Dark and Grimm:

Follow Hansel and Gretel as they step out of their own story into a twisty, wickedly witty story full of weird – and spooky – surprises.

This dark but comedic series is incredibly smart. Hansel and Gretel seem to get tangled up in every vile plot their wizarding world could offer. It provides the fear of classic fairy tales, gore and all, using “tasteful silhouettes”. A dark and grimm tale looks at the tragedy and gives children the credit they deserve to be able to handle it.

Will Hansel and Gretel one day find out why their parents cut off their heads? Will they be able to create a perfect life for themselves without getting eaten or killed? Watch the 10-episode series to find out.

Is A Tale Dark and Grimm a good show?

This Netflix series is devilishly good and currently has a 7.9 / 10 on IMDb! A dark and grimm tale has a unique view and style that is anything but stale. Shows and movies based on fairy tales can easily get boring because we’ve all heard them before; this series avoids the pitfall with ease.

A dark and grimm tale Not only serves to tell a story, but also gives children the tools to think critically, using both your head and your heart. Children are often told that they are too young and not strong enough to handle things. This show aims to break this ideology and strengthen the natural courage of children.

The constant breaking of the 4th wall by the three raven narrators adds a sarcastic touch that reminds you that this is not your average tale. The ravens (Scott Adsit, Ron Funches and Erica Rhodes) are there to make the audience valuable and get you involved in the tale.

A dark and grimm tale was hosted by Jam Filled Entertainment, otherwise known for The noisy house and Final space. Their decision to scatter 2D animation throughout their series adds a sentimental pop-up book feel to this otherwise irreverent children’s animated show.

A dark and grimm tale Also sports a particularly diverse cast both visually and behind the scenes. The series stars biracial siblings Gretel and Hansel, who are voiced by actors of color Raini Rodriguez (Disney) and Andre Robinson (The noisy house). The cast also includes Nicole Byer, Eric Bauza and Adam Lambert.

Diversity in children’s media provides representation to marginalized communities and guides children to accept natural differences. A dark and grimm tale also has a strong female role without comparing her to her male counterpart. Diversity in children’s media can turn sour when too much emphasis is placed on struggle rather than success. This show proudly showcases diversity without drawing attention to the shortcomings of our modern society.

If you want to watch an animated show with smart comedy and smart plot, give A dark and grimm tale A try! I promise you have never seen anything like it before.


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