40 best series of books to read in 2022

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20. Easy Rawlins by Walter Mosley

Books: Devil in blue dress, A red death, white butterfly, black betty, A little yellow dog, gone fishing, Bad Boy Brawly Brown, Six easy pieces, Little Scarlet, cinnamon kiss, Blonde Faith, Little Green, Rose gold, Coal Joe, grove of blood

If you like mystery booksdon’t miss Walter Mosley’s black novels set in and around post-war Los Angeles, following tough detective Easy Rawlins. The first book in the series was released in 1990, and Denzel Washington starred as Easy in the 1995 film adaptation. Inspired by classic detective fiction, Mosley’s series updates the detective genre by providing the perspective and black man’s experience as a private detective confronting corruption that intersects with racial injustice.

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The Red Queen seriesthrough the merchant

21. The red queen by Victoria Aveyard

Books: red queen, glass sword, king cage, war storm

This curvy bestseller YA-series features fantastical dystopian havoc in a world where people are divided by blood – whether yours is red or silver guides your fate. The Argents have all the power in a realm where if you don’t have magic, you have to toil. But when young heroine Mare discovers she has special abilities despite her red blood, it propels her on a quest to free the oppressed and break the system.

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The Wormwood Trilogy Seriesthrough the merchant

22. The absinthe trilogy by Tade Thompson

Books: Rose water, The rose water insurrection, The redemption of rose water

This award-winning Afro-futurist series takes place in Nigeria. Once a year, an alien biodome runs “The Opening”, where it heals those who have gathered around it. The story follows a “sensitive” with a dark past, Kaaro, who must use his abilities to help the government. When other sensitives begin to die, he finds himself entangled in the mysteries of the biodome.

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