4 new Japanese movies and series are coming to Netflix in October 2022

It might be a scary season, but not all of the new movies and shows coming to Netflix this month have to do with evil spirits and murderers. If Ryan Murphy’s macabre new series about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got a list of upcoming Japanese titles that are significantly more cheerful (and less problematic) to watch.

This includes the 2021 love story “We Made a Beautiful Bouquet” as well as a Netflix original anime about a girl who finds herself trapped in a world of eligible beautiful singles (oh the horror!). Note that regional restrictions may apply.

(Planning a horror movie marathon for Halloween? Here’s a separate list of our favorite movies. Horror Movies J to start.)

We made a beautiful bouquet

Synopsis: Mugi Yamane and Kinu Hachiya meet by chance after the two 22-year-olds miss the last train from Meidaimae Station. Although it takes a while for them to establish a relationship, the pair eventually grow into a couple and settle into domestic bliss while navigating the lives of young working professionals in the city.

Insight: Directed by Nobuhiro Doi, this sweet and low-key drama is set over five years. We’re spared the grumpy grand gestures with down-to-earth performances from Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura. The two actors play a refreshingly believable couple who experience all the joys and challenges a typical young Tokyo couple might face in real life.

Coming October 14, 2022

romantic killer

Synopsis: For high schooler Anzu, nothing is more enjoyable than being at home in her sweatpants with her cats, video games and chocolate. Although she has no interest in pursuing anything that might interfere with her comfortable routine, her life falls apart when a wayward little wizard emerges from a video game and announces his intention to help Anzu find a boyfriend.

The wizard proceeds to implant Anzu in a dating sim universe devoid of her favorite pastimes but teeming with attractive young singles. Anzu is upset by this and decides to cancel all the romantic encounters that come her way, so she can go back to eating snacks in her room like a normal teenager.

Insight: Fans of ‘Aggretsuko’ will enjoy the slapstick humor and nonconforming heroine of this upcoming anime. Based on a manga created by Wataru Momose, this tumultuous new anime is for anyone who has ever been harassed about their relationship status by overbearing parents.

Coming October 27, 2022

tiger and rabbit 2

Synopsis: In a world where superheroes are managed, treated, and paid like star athletes, veteran superhero Kotetsu not only fights bad guys, but must also stay on top of his game to avoid being let down by society. television which employs it. In an effort to boost viewership, Kotetsu is paired with a young superhero called Barnaby Brooks (or ‘Bunny’) and is tasked with working with the rookie to fight crime on camera.

Insight: Set in a vibrant metropolis that reimagines 1970s New York City, this hugely popular series created by Masayuki Ozaki and Keiichi Sato will delight anime fans with its unlikely duo. The first two seasons of the show are available on Netflix, but the second part of “Tiger & Bunny 2” will air the first week of October.

New episodes coming October 7, 2022

Spy x Family

Synopsis: In order to accomplish a mission, a secret agent sets out to find a wife and adopt a child in order to build up the cover of an ordinary family man. Unbeknownst to him, the woman he chooses to pose as his wife is an assassin while his adopted daughter turns out to be a telepath. Although each member of the trio has their own mission, they quickly settle into their new dynamic, eventually becoming more like a real family to each other than originally planned.

Insight: Who knew a series about a ruthless assassin and a serious spy could be so moving? Beyond the tongue-in-cheek humor and stunning artwork, this 2022 anime series is packed with feel-good content we all desperately need.

New episodes coming October 1, 2022

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