2022 Adult Animation Award News: HCA, Creative Emmys and Saturn Awards

A number of nominees and winners were announced over the weekend for adult animation with the likes of the HCAs, Creative Arts Emmys and Saturn Awards. In terms of dominance, Esoteric is all over the place with nominations and seems like a win-win all down the line.

2022 Creative Arts Emmy

Outstanding entertainment program

  • Esoteric: “When These Walls Crumble” (Netflix)
  • Bob’s Burgers: “Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner” (Fox)
  • rick and morty: “Mort Dinner Rick Andre” (Adult Swim)
  • The simpsons: “Pixelized and scared” (Fox)
  • What if…?“What if… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?” (Disney+)

Outstanding character voice-over performance

  • F. Murray Abraham – Moon Knight: “The Friendly Type” as Khonshu (Disney+)
  • Julie Andrews– Bridgerton: “Capital R Rake” as Lady Whistledown (Netflix)
  • Chadwick Boseman– What if…?: “What if… T’Challa becomes a Star-Lord?” as Star Lord T’Challa (Disney+)
  • Maya Rodolphe – Big mouth: “A Very Big Mouth Christmas” as Connie the Hormone Monster (Netflix)
  • Stanley Tucci– central park: “Central Dark” as Bitsy (Apple TV+)
  • Jessica Walter – Archer: “London Time” as Malory Archer (FX)
  • Jeffrey Wright– What if…?: “What if… Ultron won?” as The Watcher (Disney+)

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation (Jury)

2022 HCA Winners

Best Animated Short Series

Love, Death + Robots (Netflix)

Best Streaming Anime Series or TV Movie

Arcane (Netflix)

Best Broadcast Network or Animated Cable or TV Movie Series

rick and morty (adult swimming)

2022 Saturn Awards Nominees

Animated series

Esoteric (Netflix)
Blade Runner: Black Lotus (Crunchyroll / Adult Swim)
The Boys Presents: Devilish (Amazon)
Invincible (Amazon)
Star Trek: Lower Decks (Primary+)
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+ / Lucasfilm)
What if? (Disney+/Marvel)

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