2 new animation projects from Stephen Colbert arrive on Comedy Central

With the ink barely dry on its clump $ 900 million contract with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, MTV Entertainment Studios just announced two new projects slated to air this fall on Comedy Central that build on the network’s long legacy of political satire.

The first one, Fairview, is a weekly hyper-topical eight-part half-hour series; the second, Washingtonia, is an animated feature film. Both are produced by CBS Studios in partnership with the team behind Paramount + ‘s Stephen Colbert presents Tooning Out the News, recently Emmy nominated for Best Short Comedies, Drama & Variety Series, and Showtime’s Our cartoon president.

“I am very happy to participate in this press release, but I must mention that my contract for Fairview and Washingtonia is not closed yet, ”Colbert said. “The main sticking point is money. I want more and they don’t want me to have more. I look forward to releasing these projects as soon as this issue is resolved.

“As we continue to double our adult entertainment business, we couldn’t be more excited to bring Fairview and Washingtonia at Comedy Central in partnership with Stephen and our friends at CBS Studios, ”said Nina Diaz, President of Content and CCO, MTVE and Creative Director Unscripted & Animation, Paramount +. “These two irreverent satires fit perfectly into the Comedy Central brand – hilarious, sophisticated and, of course, with politics at the center of it all.”

Comedy Central describes the shows as follows:

  • Fairview – a hyper-topical half-hour weekly adult animated series about how national politics provokes the savage drama of a small town in the town of Fairview, which urinates in the grocery store parking lot and urinates at through the lens of her sloppy girl-turned-pragmatic mayor Kelly Sampson party. The show is created and produced by RJ Fried with Stephen Colbert, Chris Licht, Tim Luecke, Kim Gamble, Mike Leech and Zach Smilovitz as executive producers. Grant Gish is the executive producer with co-executive producer Sachi Ezura and supervising producer Michael Stanger for MTV Entertainment Group.
  • Washingtonia – an animated feature film about a rising political star and his deeply incompetent staff navigating Washington’s deeper incompetence path. Created and produced by Fried with Colbert, Licht, Leech, Luecke and Smilovitz as executive producers. Gish is the executive producer with co-executive producer Ezura and supervising producer Stanger for MTV Entertainment Group.

The upcoming MTV Entertainment animation also includes the highly anticipated Untitled Beavis & Butthead Movie of Emmy Award-winning Mike Judge, who reinvents MTV’s seminal, Gen X-defining Beavis and Butt-Head, who returns for another cinematic adventure to be released on Paramount + to launch the new series on Comedy Central.

Fairview and Washingtonia add to CBS Studios’ growing list of animated series, including the premiere The Harper House, Star Trek: Lower Bridges, Star Trek: Prodigy and Stephen Colbert presents Tooning Out the News.

Source: Comedy Central

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