15 great films shot on location in rural landscapes and wide open spaces | Entertainment News

Farms and open ranges have long offered many opportunities for cinematic storytelling. There’s something fascinating about movies set in the wild and open terrains of nature, which not only can give meaning and context to a film, but also position its narrative within a specific moment in history.

To illustrate the great storytelling that takes place on the farms, Giggster has compiled a list of 15 films that have received high ratings from audiences and/or critics and listed them in chronological order. Significant portions of the film had to be shot in rural landscapes, ranches, or open land turned farms for the project to qualify. Films had to have either an IMDb user rating of 7.0 with at least 15,000 public votes, or a Metascore of 80 with at least seven reviews from critics.

So many things go into planning a film’s location – framing, cinematography and, yes, even deciding the perfect cast – especially if it’s about braving unfamiliar terrain or shooting in environments prone to extreme or adverse conditions.

For the 1985 Amish neo-noir drama “Witness,” for example, director Peter Weir chose to shoot among a disgruntled Pennsylvania Amish community to set the tone for his eight-time Oscar-nominated film. And to capture a 16th-century tale of Japanese villagers fending off a legion of bandits in “Seven Samurai,” Akira Kurosawa positioned his period piece against the vast and scenic mountainous regions of Japan’s Tagata District.

Read on to discover more pastures that have served as the backdrop for 15 fantastic films.

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