10 Weird Adult Swim Cartoon Fans Fans Still Love

Adult Swim has brought audiences more than two decades of animated content designed for adults. It was initially an experiment, just a late-night Cartoon Network segment, but Adult Swim has grown loyal enough to have its own channel. The channel features beloved classics and an evolving lineup of new content.

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Over the years, Adult Swim’s programming has grown endlessly diverse, ranging from anime to live sketches. However, the channel’s many animated series have always been the most popular because minimal adult-friendly animation existed on cable television prior to Adult Swim’s inception. Some shows were funny, others outrageous, but most were downright bizarre.

ten Calamari Features Georgia’s Weirdest Family

A family of country squids living on the outskirts of rural Georgia is precisely the kind of source material fans have come to expect from Adult Swim: wacky, unlikely, but impossible not to watch. Early Cuyler, his son Rusty, and the rest of their misfit parents laugh at traditional family values ​​as they partake in various criminal enterprises that cause trouble for the townspeople and their reckless sheriff. Yet despite constant conflict, the Cuyler Clan sticks together through all the insane schemes. It’s clear that they love each other… maybe.

9 dashing dingo Superhero stories parody

As for the weirdness of Adult Swim, dashing dingo is one of the big ones. The show was imagined as a parody of superhero stories and featured the exceptionally spoiled Xander Crews, a billionaire who calls himself a superhero. His nemesis is equally over the top and ridiculous, with the overly dramatic name Killface.

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The series is deceptively well written, with fully developed storylines overshadowed by the often bizarre behaviors of the main characters. Nevertheless, from outsized explosions to offensive comedy, dashing dingo offers everything viewers love about Adult Swim programming.

8 Super Jail! Is an absurd bustling prison

Many Adult Swim cartoons of the mid-2000s were known for their absurd storylines and equally offbeat aesthetics. The director and his employees of Super Jail! fits this description perfectly. The series packs a ton of bizarre content into a very short time span, covering everything from jailbreaks to cannibalism.

Super Jail! was one of many adult swim shows that wrote its episodes in a 15-20 minute format, and it didn’t waste a minute. Between the colorful animation and the crazy casting of the characters, Super Jail! wasn’t just a show, it was an experience.

Metalocalypse that’s what happens when you mix heavy metal with animation. The Dethklok band members were all stereotyped to such an extent that they became bizarre caricatures of the musical tropes they represented. The show was designed as a commentary on the excesses and inconveniences of the music industry.

These exaggerations made them all the more lovable to fans. One of the big highlights of the show was the music composed by the series creator and “performed” by the band. The show features bizarre scenes of violence and plenty of dark comedy to keep fans enthralled.

6 The Venture Bros. face a circus of adversaries

The Venture Brothers ran longer than almost any other Adult Swim series and focused on clumsy twins Hank and Dean Venture. The boys are a constant source of romantic frustration for their scientist father, Dr. Rusty Venture, and give the family caretaker, Brock, a lot of work to do.

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The boys have many strange adventures, but the highlight of the series is the revolving door of strange villains vying to be Dr. Venture’s nemesis. From a butterfly-man named Monarch to an evil insurance agent named Phantom Limb, Dr. Venture and his boys hold their own against every antagonist imaginable, sometimes with comedic results.

5 Harvey Birdman: The Lawyer Fights Crime in the Courtroom

Harvey Birdman: Lawyer is a spin-off of one of the original Adult Swim series, Space Ghost coast to coast. It stars the eponymous attorney and features cameos from various classic Hanna-Barbera shows from the 1960s and 1970s. Scooby-Doo, Johnny Quest, and many other stars as plaintiffs and defendants on the show.

The entire Sebben & Sebben law firm consists of stranded superheroes like Birdman himself, with many former enemies serving as adversaries in the courtroom. The show is part superhero parody, part surreal adventure in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon catalog.

4 Sealab 2021 Makes fun of children’s programming

Sealab 2021 was another Adult Swim adventure in absurdity. The series was intended to be a parody of a short-lived children’s program produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 1970s, with an obvious adult twist. However, the series has no real continuity, with many characters dying in one episode only to return to the series in the next. Indeed, the main purpose of the series was to poke fun at the outdated conventions of the original series.

The creators dubbed some hilarious new dialogue over the actual footage from the 1970s, which gives the show some of its signature weirdness. The show ran for four seasons and was a popular part of Adult Swim’s initial lineup in 2001.

3 Robot Chicken Is a Claymation Variety Show

Another strange short format show, robot chicken, was as much about random product placements as it was about absurd comedy and gratuitous plasticine violence. The series often featured caricatures of celebrities dying in very outlandish (but hilarious) ways, and many episodes almost looked like a commercial.

Mini-segments scrolled by as if someone was surfing the channels right in the middle of the show. The plots mostly went nowhere, but they were very watchable like many early adult swim series due to the amount of detail and action they packed into each 10-20 minute episode.

2 The Boondocks Tackles social issues head-on with a satirical twist

The Boondocks is arguably the most socially responsible Adult Swim series to date. The star-studded voice cast and animated sitcom format were big draws when the show first aired. The co-protagonists, Huey and Riley Freeman, are two African American siblings with very different life philosophies.

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Huey is intelligent and analytical, while Riley is thrill-seeking and outgoing. Together they navigate a world plagued by injustice and racial issues, but also by the love of their tough but gentle grandfather, Robert Freedman. The show is tamer than most of Adult Swim’s early lineups, but features a host of quirky supporting characters that give it a quirky edge. Viewers won’t forget the likes of Uncle Ruckus, for example.

1 home movies Is a suburban dystopia

Everything on home movies is a little strange: the animation, the plots and the characters themselves. The show first aired on UPN but was quickly cancelled. Instead, he found a perfect home in one of the first series on Adult Swim, where adult audiences fell in love with socially awkward protagonist Brendan Small and the jolly bunch of weirdos he calls friends.

Brendan’s mother is your typical embarrassing mother, with an added dose of weirdness, and Brendan’s football coach is just as weird. The show is a window into what an eight-year-old filmmaker would be like in an off-color dystopia.

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