10 unpopular opinions on the Harley Quinn animated series, according to Reddit

Harley Quinn’s eponymous animated series focused on her breakup with the Joker and working to become her own supervillain, with a little help (and sarcasm) from her best friend Poison Ivy, who eventually becomes his girlfriend. Full of humor, heart, action, and very endearing characters, the series has proven to be popular among Batman fans and beyond.

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However, there are some aspects of Harley quinn that did not appeal to some, whether it was about relationships, intrigues or certain characters. Reddit users have discussed what they don’t like about the show, and it’s fair to say that some have a unique take on it.

ten Dr. Psycho expected to join Harley’s crew

Kicked out of the Legion of Doom for calling Wonder Woman and Giganta the c-word, the disgraced Dr. Psycho joins Harley’s crew in an attempt to redeem himself. However, in Season 2, Dr. Psycho betrayed Harley and the rest of his crew and almost succeeded in reigning over Gotham.

While this might not be the most surprising twist, Psycho’s betrayal is considerably unforgivable. However, Redditor Morganbanefort comments that they “hope he will join the crew someday”. Considering the misogynistic personality of Dr. Psycho and Harley being the type who doesn’t easily forgive someone, the chances of Psycho joining the crew are slim and would be out of place for Psycho and Harley. Either way, Dr Psycho is one of the Harley quinnso the funniest characters in it would be great to see him return in season 3 somehow.

9 Clayface is boring

Another member of the Harley crew is the shape-shifting Clayface. Unlike most versions of the character, which are generally rather tragic, Harley quinn‘s Clayface is an aspiring actor. His comedic attempts to become a great actor and his infectious enthusiasm have made him one of the most popular characters on the show.

But not all viewers of the show liked Clayface. Editor-in-chief zelderonMorningstar called Clayface boring, saying he was “dragging the show down. They should have deleted him.” While he may be too much for some, Clayface has proven to be a valuable asset to Harley’s team beyond comedic relief, as a loyal and caring friend of the crew. Plus, this version of Clayface is perhaps one of the more unique versions of the character.


8 Commissioner Gordon needed growth

Clayface's Arm and Commissioner Gordon in the Harley Quinn series

One of the most important supporting characters in Harley quinn was Commissioner Gordon. In a twist unique to the normally pragmatic character, Gordon is portrayed as a rather tragicomic figure in need of friendship.

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Redditor CharacterApricot commented on how Gordon is a potentially awesome character and needs constant growth, but instead “he’s continually being reset so he can be the monkey of the show.” The Redditor is right that Gordon has potential. But given that Gordon was in decline for most of the first season, seeing him get back on his feet in season 2 was great. Sadly, not having been recognized for saving Gotham has pushed him in the wrong direction.

seven Nora Fries and Zeus are a great couple

Nora, Zeus and Catwoman in the Harley Quinn series

In one of the show’s bittersweet moments, Mr. Freeze sacrifices himself to save Nora, his beloved wife. Naturally, Nora is heartbroken by it, but she goes out drunk with Maxie Zeus at Ivy’s bachelorette party, and later they are a couple.

As one of the Harley quinn healthiest characters, it’s sad that viewers couldn’t see Mr. Freeze finally able to live happily ever after. But Redditor zelderonMorningstar comments: “I really liked Nora x Zeus.” While it’s nice to see Nora happy after her grief, she could have done better than Maxie Zeus, who turned out to be a rather obnoxious and arrogant character in the first season.

6 Sy Borgman was also boring

Geriatric Sy Borgman started the show as the cantankerous owner of Poison Ivy before eventually joining the Harley team. With a number of gimmicks and surprises due to his built-in robotics, Sy Borgman is one of the best-designed characters in Harley quinn.

While Sy Borgman was a joy to watch for many, he didn’t really woo everyone. Redditor random_reddit_bot found Sy Borgman boring, going so far as to say “when he was killed I was happy but then he came back and I was sad”. As well as being a great addition to the crew and providing some fun moments, Sy Borgman has proven to be a very sincere character. This is especially evident when he comes to terms with his mutant sister and her sacrifice to help stop Dr. Psycho.

5 Ripper Riddler is no fun

Ripped Riddler in the Harley Quinn series

As one of Batman’s most popular villains, it’s only natural for the Riddler to appear on the show. But in an unexpected turn of events towards the end of Season 2, the Riddler grew ripped and muscular after being forced (at first) to run on a hamster wheel for a long time by Harley.

The joke of the normally skinny Riddler using his brain to build muscle has not been well received by some. Redditor CheruthCutestory comments that they don’t like Ripped Riddler and “want him to get back to normal”. It is perhaps understandable why the fans weren’t happy with this, especially the Riddler fans. However, it must be recognized that while this is a different take on Riddler, he still hasn’t lost his intelligence.

4 Joker as a suburban dad sucked

Harley Quinn the Joker in his tower

As Harley’s abusive ex and Batman’s most famous foe, Joker played a big role in season 1 and was the season’s main villain. After apparently dead in the season finale, it is later revealed that he is alive but with no memory of his life. In fact, he is found alive as an everyday commuter with Bethany, a nurse he had fallen in love with.

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While a very different and unexpected turn for the Clown Prince of Crime. Redditor savage011 called “Joker being a suburban dad” “huge junk”. While, on the one hand, Joker’s relationship with Bethany ultimately made Harley fight for Ivy, it seems out of character as well, especially since Joker was an ultimately obnoxious unrecoverable character.

3 There were too many Kite Man in season 2

One of the great things about Harley quinn is that it gave lesser-known characters a chance to shine. One of those examples is the D Kite Man list villain. Initially treated as a joke, Kite Man soon finds himself in a relationship with Ivy and becomes one of the Harley quinnthe best supporting characters from.

However, Redditor Capricornist2436 felt that there were too many Kite Man in season 2: “In season 1 he was funny but in season 2 he was boring.” This can be a bit unfair as Kite Man was fortunate enough to grow as a character over the two seasons, becoming more than just a comedic relief and Harley’s love rival. In fact, it’s fair to say that Kite Man broke through the walls of the himbo trope, growing to maturity as he finally realized he shouldn’t be with Ivy.

2 Harl-Ivy came out of nowhere

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy dance

One of the most important factors in the series is the relationship between Harley and Ivy, whether it’s friendship or romance. Still, Redditor Freddi0 said they believed Harley and Ivy’s romance came out of nowhere: “Before the pit episode, I saw no clue.”

This is a very surprising opinion for many. Throughout the series, there have been various moments of foreshadowing, such as Harley being Ivy’s biggest fear and how loyal they are to each other. But even for those who haven’t seen the series, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are arguably one of the most iconic couples not only in Batman but in LGBTQ + culture (despite their recent split in the comics), so the two friends reunite in the series was almost inevitable. Even the Redditor admitted, “Maybe it’s because I’m blind.”

1 Less love triangle, more conquest of Gotham

Harley Quinn with her mallet talking to Joker.

Season 1 of Harley quinn started with Harley ending things with Joker and embarking on a mission to become her own supervillain and join the Legion of Doom. His relationship with Ivy was a key factor, but it quickly became the main storyline midway through Season 2.

Few fans were happy with this switch. Redditor joelasojoel commented on how “the love triangle took way too long in season 2” and how they wish “they spent more time doing some cool Gotham takeovers… On the one hand, Harley and Ivy’s relationship is adored by many, and the love triangle plot only took up half of Season 2 at most.On the other hand, one of the best things about the series was to look into the life of the supervillain, especially in the Legion of Doom. It would have been great to see more.

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