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Mainstream names like Constance Wu, Javier Bardem, Scoot McNairy and Brett Gelman are all attached to the new children’s film Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. But the most surprising star leading the project is pop star Shawn Mendes who voices the titular singing crocodile.

While Mendes’ Reptile is an animated anthropomorphic animal, the other performances are all live. Besides the aforementioned stars, child actor Winslow Fegley also shines as the protagonist.

Shawn Mendes – The 100 (2014-2020)

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Mendes has previously appeared in the Netflix music documentary Wonder which details the making and performances of his latest album. But Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile marks his mainstream film debut with the Canadian singer-songwriter voicing a musically inclined crocodile.


As for his television roles, Mendes made a guest appearance in the Season 3 premiere of the Netflix sci-fi drama. The 100. The general premise of the show deals with a group of juvenile delinquents who resided in a space habitat called the Ark as Earth faced a nuclear disaster and are sent to see if the planet is habitable. Mendes plays an “ark survivor” named Macallan, who had a fondness for music.

Winslow Fegley – Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made (2020)

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Rising star Winslow Fegley appears as one of the main characters, an 11-year-old boy named Josh Primm. As Josh struggles to find friends after moving to New York, he develops an unlikely bond with the crocodile living in his attic.

A similar family watch in which Fegley appeared was comedy Timmy Fail in which he plays a highly imaginative boy who embarks on his own adventures to explore the adult world.

Javier Bardem – Skyfall (2012)

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Hector P Valenti, the jubilant and energetic owner of the crocodile Lyle is played by Oscar winner Javier Bardem. Accustomed to playing troubled and chaotic characters, his charismatic role in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is quite a change of form.

His date with the James Bond films began with a wicked turn in celestial fall as he played the antagonist Raoul Silva. A former MI6 agent, Bardem’s terrifyingly charming villain proves to be a tough match for 007 as he has the same training and skill set.

Constance Wu – Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

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Josh’s mother, Katy Primm, is played by Fresh off the boat star Constance Wu. Although she was already established as a television actress, her breakthrough in Hollywood came Asian Rich Boobies.

The romantic comedy is about a teacher who learns that her boyfriend is from a wealthy family in Singapore. Alongside Henry Golding, Wu evokes a sense of genuine humility and optimism while playing his character. For her performance, Wu ended up earning Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award nominations.

Scoot McNairy – Without God (2017)

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Actor Scoot McNairy joins the Lyle, Lyle cast playing Josh’s father and Katy’s husband, Joseph Primm. The actor’s acclaimed turns in the role of secondary characters span various genres.

He also played a vital role in the Netflix period Western miniseries Impious. He plays the sheriff of a town mostly populated by widows who arm themselves to confront a ruthless bandit. Although it plays out like a conventional Western, the series manages to subvert familiar tropes with characters such as McNairy highlighting several gray areas.

Brett Gelman – Stranger Things (2016-)

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Lyle’s moody neighbor Mr. Grumps is aptly named as he has his own evil plans. The villain of the film is played by Flea bag and stranger things‘Brett Gelman.

In the second season of this latest sci-fi series, Gelman is introduced as conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Murray Bauman who offers new insights into the story’s connection to the Cold War. His role increasing over the seasons, Murray proves to be one of the fan favorite characters of stranger things. He delivers sarcastic jokes, rescues Sheriff Hopper any way he can, and carat cuts Soviet soldiers!

Lyrics Hurd – Roxanne Roxanne (2017)

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Josh’s classmate and social media star Kara Delany is played by newcomer Lyric Hurd who was previously seen in a minor supporting role as Fastima in the hip-hop biopic Roxanne Roxanne.

The film stars Chanté Adams as New York rapper Roxanne Shante, an underground cult icon who rose to fame primarily due to the mid-1980s dispute with rival The Real Roxanne (their feud eventually being dubbed The Roxanne Wars). The film covers Shante’s early wrestling days, his rap career, his controversial rivalries and his volatile personal life.

Sal Viscuso – Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)

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When the narrative takes a legal turn in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, even a judge appears played by Sal Viscuso. Over the years, the actor has made appearances in Law & Order: true crimes, scandal, and space ballamong other titles.

He even voiced a thug called Monk in “I Am The Night”, an episode of Batman: The Animated Series which is considered one of the best-animated shows of all time. While Kevin Conroy’s Dark Knight deals with all kinds of supervillains in the 90s cartoon, he also scares off low-level miscreants in Gotham City like Monk and his partner Willie.

Don DiPetta – Green Book (2018)

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Credited as a paramedic in the film, Don DiPetta previously had a brief role in the Best Picture Oscar-winning feature. Green book.

DiPetta plays Louis Venere, a member of the Venere family (the in-laws of Viggo Mortensen’s protagonist Tony). In one particularly funny scene, he and Tony’s brother, Rudy Vallelonga, discuss the unexpected literary brilliance of Tony’s letters to his wife, after which Rudy remarks on what an “arty” family the Vallelogas are. The warm nature of the film is evoked by detailing an unexpected friendship between a black pianist and his Italian-American valet.

Mac Wells – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

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Mac Wells plays a show security guard in Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile but this isn’t his first rodeo in a role as he also appeared as a security guard in the Marvel TV series the gifted which dealt with a band of young mutants on the run.

His other Marvel role came in James Gunn’s sequel to his groundbreaking Guardians of the Galaxy. Wells plays Fitzhgibbon, a police officer who gets injured during Ego’s expansion.

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