10 live-action characters fans want to see in animation

Some of the best Star wars the content comes from animated shows. They continued to impress the fandom, adding so much to the canon, including quirky characters and brilliant depth and backstory to established characters. In fact, some characters could benefit massively from an appearance or role in an animated show in the future.

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Ignore Forces of fate appearances, as good as they are, and focusing on full-length TV series, there are plenty of characters yet to be animated that fans are desperate to see drawn onscreen in an upcoming project.

ten Koska Reeves

Koska Reeves vs. Boba Fett

Koska Reeves debuted in The Mandalorian alongside Bo-Katan Kryze and Ax Woves as a member of the Nite Owls of Kryze. They immediately kicked ass on the show with a lot of charisma and attitude.

Reeves could easily move on to a slew of potential shows alongside Bo-Katan, and even Woves and other Nite Owls. At any time Star wars TV tells stories about Mandalore or the Mandalorians, that’s gold, and getting more stories about Reeves would likely continue that trend.

9 Rose & Paige Tico

Star Wars 9 Rose Tico

Rose Tico was seriously abused with her role in The Rise of Skywalker. Nonetheless, she was a key character in the sequel trilogy and a character who is destined to have some great stories in the future, with fans hoping to potentially see her in the animation.

Rose’s sister, Paige, was also a big part of the trilogy, albeit with a much smaller role. Paige was a star in the Incredible Opening Scene of The Last Jedi, and to see the two sisters together be in the Resistance or grow up would be fantastic. Both appeared in Forces of fate, but a role in a full series would still be deserved for the sisters.

8 Enfys Nest

Solo is arguably one of the most underestimated Star wars adventures not only being a fun time, but having great characters throughout. These include Enfys Nest, a character who barely appeared in canon.

As the leader of the Cloud-Riders and an early sign of rebellion, there is so much potential for the character of Nest. Seeing his fight against the Empire or Crimson Dawn in an animated show surrounded by his band of rebel pirates would be exceptional and would add more weight to his role in the Solo story.

7 Tobias Beckett

Beckett solo A Star Wars Story

Mercenaries, bounty hunters, gamblers and just about all kinds of criminals in the Star wars Galaxy is among the best and most interesting people to watch, and Tobias Beckett fits that bill.

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He is one of the solos unusual characters and someone who would fit perfectly into Star wars TV like so many criminals before him. Seeing his murder of Aurra Sing animated is a long shot, but it would be great. However, just seeing him at work, with the crew of Solo even, is quite possible and would be a fun watch for an animated TV episode or arc.

6 IG-88B

Bounty hunter IG-88 in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

There are five identical assassin droids from the IG-88 series in canon, the most famous of which is IG-88B, a dreaded bounty hunter seen in the Executor’s lineup in The Empire Strikes Back but who has not yet achieved the legendary status of other bounty hunters.

Seeing one of the five droids, AE, appear in the animation would be a joy. IG-88B appeared in Forces of fate but it would be great to watch a chase in a full animated series, especially since he’s a rival of Boba Fett. IG-88 has had numerous comic book appearances and would translate seamlessly into animation, potentially joining Cad Bane as great animated bounty hunters.

5 Zorii Bliss (and Babu Frik)

Zorii Bliss and Babu Frik were two memorable characters in the sequel trilogy who only appeared in The Rise of Skywalker and who deserve to have more of their stories told in canon.

Babu Frik is just a joy to watch, but Zorii has a lot of storyline potential, especially with Poe. Seeing his role in the post-GalaxyThe Rise of Skywalker in an animated show would be awesome. Even seeing her life before the sequel trilogy, her story, how she became a spice racer, would fit into a lively setting, not necessarily entirely focused on her, but with her role.

4 Qi’ra

Emilia Clarke as Qi'ra solo

Qi’ra finally has its story further down the Star wars cannon, being at the center of the Bounty Hunter War run, as well as Crimson Reign. A return to the screen gives the impression that it is surely in his future.

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Qi’ra is smart, highly skilled, and totally badass. Seeing his interactions with Maul afterSolo and seeing how the two did business together as leaders of Crimson Dawn before Maul got stranded in the Outer Rim would be fascinating. Even though there is no involvement from Maul, an appearance by Qi’ra in any on-screen ability is something fans are hoping for.

3 Finnish

Finn in The Force Awakens

While Finn was a notable aspect of the sequel trilogy, there was undoubtedly a lot of unrealized potential for his character that fans of the stormtrooper turned to rebellious, with his ending not giving audiences all they hoped for. still see.

Finn would be amazing to see in live action, there is no doubt about it. However, an animated show in a post-The Rise of Skywalker Galaxy would also be great, and with his charisma, apparent Force abilities, and general liking, Finn would fit in wonderfully. It would be especially great to see him once again join Poe and Rey.

2 Grogu

Like the characters in the sequel trilogy, fans don’t necessarily just want to see Grogu again in animation; they just want to see him again. Seeing her adorable self appear in an animated show with the right story, however, would be fitting.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of animated show would suit a Grogu appearance, but one takes place right after. The Mandalorian when he goes away with his new master Luke Skywalker seems like the safest bet. Rumors have it that a show starring the two characters is in development, and animation appears to be a great avenue for such a show.

1 Luke skywalker

Luke Skywalker refuses to kill his father and proclaims himself a Jedi like his father before him in Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker technically appeared in animation through Forces of fate and a tiny Rebels cameo where he is seen in the distance. But fans still want to see Luke properly explored in an animated setting.

There are two ideal settings for such a spectacle; one in which he is with Grogu, and another in which he searches the Galaxy for important artifacts as he does in Battlefront II and just generally in the canon after the original trilogy. Both would be great ways to advance Luke Skywalker’s already rich history in Star wars.

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