10 horror movies that reinvent classic scary stories

Before the days of Freddy, Jason, or even Leatherface, the real titans of terror were monsters of the mind and wretches of the written word. Although a faithful horror film would only exist around the 1920s, audiences and fans of the genre have been enraptured and terrified by the stories, books, and novels for centuries.

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The fact that most classic horror stories transferred so easily from page to page is certainly a bonus for fans of the genre. But many of the biggest, best, and brightest wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those scary stories and deadly legends that people originally heard around the campfire or read at nights. storm.

ten Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Granted, most of the Vampire King adaptations feature references to the original Bram Stoker novel, but this version is one that certainly tries to go all out by sticking to the source material. While this is a bit more extravagant than the driver himself might have imagined, he follows the book fairly faithfully.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is exactly what the title suggests – it has to be, with the author’s name attached. While Coppola took a liberty or two in the Count’s backstory, it’s as classic as a vampire movie can get.

9 The Mummy (1932)

The mummy 1932 Boris Karloff in Tomb like the mummy

While most might think Karloff’s defining role was that of Frankenstein’s monster, a better argument can certainly be made for Imhotep / Ardeth Bey. While the idea of ​​carrying a torch for his lover beyond the grave isn’t particularly new, Imhotep’s obsession with his reincarnated princess comes straight from a half-forgotten story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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If the part about reanimated corpses and the mummy curse is removed, the plot is remarkably similar to The Ring of Thoth. An ancient Egyptian trapped in another century aspiring to reunite with his late beloved, it certainly sounds more than familiar.

8 Depraved (2019)

A tactic common to many modern horror movies is to take a traditional story but give it a modern twist. While Mary Shelley is Frankenstein revolutionized both the horror and sci-fi genres, it has been remade and remade dozens of times.

In this spirit, Depraved takes a more thorough and thoughtful approach to cadaver resuscitation. And Henry, the film’s replacement for Victor Frankenstein, doesn’t work alone. Its process is treated much more as a shady act of medical science than science fiction, and the effects on the film’s “creature” have unintended consequences.

7 Edge of Reason (1989)

Anthony Perkins as Hyde

This twisted approach Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tries to blend fiction with fact by mixing the tales of Jekyll’s alter-ego with that of the famous Jack the Ripper. It is sometimes a bit hit and miss, but it is undeniable that there is not at least a certain originality here.

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While it’s true that the film only uses the original story as a framing device, the use of hard drugs in place of Jekyll’s potion is a great way to interpret some of the narrative’s themes. Years after the events of the Bates Motel, it’s funny to know that Anthony Perkins can still get a little crazy sometimes.

6 The Brilliant (1980)

Jack Nicholson mocking camera in Overlook Hotel's Gold Room in The Shining

Stephen King may have been behind the idea of ​​Jack Torrance and the haunted events that took place in the infamous Overlook Hotel, but the idea of ​​a group of people trapped in a remote location in the mountains as a murderous party raged in the ballroom was not his original thought. This honor goes to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

The brilliant is one of the most analyzed horror films in the business, but many who have read the book have compared it to Edgar Allan Poe’s. Mask of the Red Death. Blood-heavy imagery, a masked ball, and a series of plays with weird secrets all come from the original horror master.

5 Candyman – (1992 and 2021)

Whether it’s the original 90s movie, the new 2021 remake, or the original story, The forbidden, by Clive Barker, Candy does not owe its existence to the author alone. In fact, there are many urban legends and folk tales that bear a striking resemblance to the Murderer of the Mirrors.

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Bloody Mary, Bandy Eyes and spirits like them have been around for decades. Even characters like Beetlejuice bear a striking resemblance. Yet there are even seasoned horror veterans who won’t dare to pronounce the name “Candyman”.

4 Urban legend (1998)

A killer in the back in a scene from

Candyman isn’t the only figure in the genre to take inspiration from urban legends, as this slasher film takes the idea to a whole new level. Although it takes a bunch of Scream, the amount of American folklore that goes into many common urban legends is quite remarkable.

The murderer in the backseat, the man with the hooked hands and Pop Rocks and soda are all stories that people have heard from friends of friends who cross modern culture, so it is almost impossible for them not to get away from it all. end up in a form of horror. media.

3 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Similar to Urban legend, scary stories to tell in the dark relies heavily on traditional folklore and storytelling to bring its monsters to life, accompanied by Guillermo Del Toro’s creatures, of course. All of the stories featured in Alvin Schwartz’s grotesque children’s books have similarities to other variations on other urban legends, campfire stories, and other things handed down through oral tradition.

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Even creatures like Jangly Man come from a multitude of sources, but it’s familiarity that makes the film and the book series so successful. As the saying goes, if it works, it works.

2 The Crow (2012)

Edgar Allan Poe played by John Cusack in The Raven

Although John Cusack plays a very fictional Edgar Allan Poe, there’s no denying that the filmmakers have done their homework to bring many of his favorite stories to life. Every gruesome, gory detail of Poe’s stories of mystery and imagination makes its appearance in this mysterious murder.

There’s a blade pendulum, a masked ball with an unwanted guest, and a beautiful woman buried alive, all hallmarks of Poe’s terrifying tales. It was definitely a movie that made fans happy to have paid attention in English class.

1 Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Tim Burton’s reinvention of Washington Irving’s classic Headless Horseman tale is a Halloween tradition for many fans. While Ichabod might be an odd candidate for a homicide sleuth, his journey to Sleepy Hollow is the story of an absolutely thrilling gothic horror masterpiece.

The legend of Sleepy Hollow has captivated readers for centuries, and even the Disney version helped shape this movie. With its ghosts, witches, and flaming pumpkins, it’s a practically perfect choice to top off your Halloween frenzy.

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