10 funniest quotes from the animated series

The animated series Harley quinn is a steamy, gory, and super-funny show about viewers’ favorite villain as she breaks free from the Joker and makes her way through Gotham. The show is filled with hilarious characters, each with their own quirks and traits, and that includes their own brand of humor.

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For this reason, there are several jokes coming from each character in each episode. Almost all of these jokes are hilarious, but of course some manage to stand out as the funniest, whether it’s on the subject of the joke or how the line is delivered.


Commissioner Gordon, “Til Death Do Us Part”

“He doesn’t do that!”

This show’s curator, Jim Gordon, is wonderfully haggard and chaotic, and when that attitude is paired with his obsession with having a friendship with Batman, it turns into a golden comedy. When Harley deduces that Batman is intimate with Bats, Gordon becomes incredibly distressed, shouting out how his idol and “best friend” don’t.

The delivery of that line by voice actor Christopher Meloni is what makes the joke so funny, as his panicked defense really sells it. He starts screaming so quickly that Batman has to tell him to calm down. The speed and energy of the dialogue on the scene really come together to make a punchy and very funny quote.

The Joker, “The Last Joke”

“Where’s my Godd * min electric car, Bruce?” “

Joker "Where is my electric car?" in the series Harley Quinn

When Batman’s secret identity of Bruce Wayne is revealed to the Joker in the first season, the Joker feels suitably disappointed. In one of the funniest moments of the show, he yells, “Now I know Batman is just a rich, boring hole with parenting issues.”

His horror escalates to the point of hilarity, as the Joker reveals that he posted bail for an electric car Wayne Tech had promised to release that year. The fact that he’s not out yet makes the Joker even crazier, and he’s yelling in Batman’s face, “Where’s my fucking electric car, Bruce?” The way he screams also makes the quote sound like a song, which makes it even funnier.

Rich Captain Rupert, “Til Death Do Us Part”

“Our favorite pastime: fucking the poor!” “

Harley Quinn DC Animated TV Show Free Episode 1

The series has never been above social satire, and this is made clear in its very first episode. Before Harley and the Joker steal a boat full of the rich, viewers first spend some time with them. The show doesn’t fire any punches, as the wealthy ship’s captain named Rupert (who is actually the Joker in disguise) puts it, and everyone laughs loudly.

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The quote is so on the nose that it sets the tone for the rest of the comedy in the series. It’s a humorous way for the show to show that masked rebels like Harley Quinn aren’t the only villains in this world, so are the upper class.

Bane, “A high bar”

“I’m going to blow up this Bar Mitzvah”

Bane trips over an office chair from the Harley Quinn series

Bane is one of the most underrated villains on the show. The aforementioned line comes from one of Bane’s most notorious acts, blowing up Gotham Stadium. He already mentions it, as it is revealed that he blew up the stadium because he messed up a quiz question on the sports bar.

It’s pretty hilarious, but he leans on that joke, later threatening to detonate a kid’s bar mitzvah just because he lightly pokes fun at him during it. Not only that, he says the quote so grumpy it looks like a child. Bane’s humor comes mostly from actor James Adomian, as even the way he says dramatic lines, such as “I’ll get up!” is incredibly funny.

Clayface, “Riddler U”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to be Chad’s girlfriend.”

Stephanie, Psycho and King Shark in the Harley Quinn series

Clayface is an aspiring actor, which allows him to have a lot of good times throughout the series. The funniest part is probably her role as Stephanie, a popular college student who wants to audition for an acapella group and also has relationship drama with a boy named Chad.

“Stephanie” complains to her new friends about how Chad gave her the weekend to decide whether or not she wants to be his girlfriend, but she feels her decision is rushed and her heart is drawn. in different directions. The drama builds until Poison Ivy slaps her, reminding her that she isn’t really Stephanie. Overall, it’s hilarious to watch.

Robin, “Find the right one”

“When can I start having sex? “

Robin on Tawny Show Harley Quinn Show DC Universe

Batman’s relationship with Robin is a lot of fun in this series, as it pairs this awkward stoic man with a bratty child, to garish success. After getting into a fight with Harley and the Joker’s team, Robin is disheartened, so Batman tries to comfort him with some life lessons.

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Seeing this Batman as a father figure is incredibly humorous, as he really doesn’t seem fit for the job. So, when his child suddenly asks him a very personal question, Batman becomes uncomfortable and immediately finds an excuse to zip-line away. It takes what is probably an awkward moment all parents face and makes it a lot of fun.

King Shark, “Unfreeze Hearts”


King Shark and Dr. Psycho at Mr. Freeze's Lair

King Shark is often compared to his Suicide Squad counterpart. While the comic lines in the animated version can often be hit or miss, when they hit they really hit it. When Harley and her team burst into Mr. Freeze’s frozen fortress to kill him, Mr. Freeze appears at his front door, a backlight behind him obscuring his figure. It makes her look like a pop star opening a gig, so King Shark yells, “OH MY GOD, THIS IS BEYONCE!

It’s so funny because it feels like it came out of nowhere, and the speed and passion with which King Shark says this line will make everyone laugh. It is an iconic moment.

Kiteman, several episodes

“Hell yeah.”

While Kiteman is one of the healthiest characters on the show, “Hell yeah” is practically his catchphrase. He repeats this multiple times throughout the series, and each version has a different take on how he says it. It allows such a simple line to be fun every time, as the phrase can be made in response to just about any situation.

Often the funniest moments he says is when Poison Ivy shows him affection, as his tagline becomes very shaky and panting, as if he can’t believe she’s being nice to him. Although the couple didn’t last they were very cute and very funny together which was embodied by this line.

The Joker, “The Last Joke”

“Do you take me for a basic bitch?”

The Joker has some amazing lines on this show, and part of the reason they’re all so funny is that they seem out of place enough for the Joker to say it. When he fights Harley in the season one finale, Harley asks him why he doesn’t just kill her, as instead he plans to erase her from his existence altogether.

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The Joker laughs and says this. After the intense fight the two characters just had, it’s incredibly funny to hear, and the fact that the Joker says something an average thirty-year-old woman could say is enough to make any member laugh. public.

Poison Ivy, “Bachelorette”

“You’re gonna have to take this shit with the Cobb team!”

Harley and Poison Ivy from Harley Quinn series, Ivy comforts Harley about something

Poison Ivy’s bachelorette party is one of the funniest episodes in the series, and “The Cobb Squad” is part of the reason why. After getting cobb salads with Catwoman, Ivy suggests that her wedding party is called that, and that they should all get that name tattoos. However, when she epically expresses her tattoo during a battle with Lex Luthor, she discovers that no one else has one.

This situation is comical as Poison Ivy is generally very anti-social, so the idea that she alone would get a band tattoo hilariously juxtaposes her character hilariously. The tattoo also looks very funny.

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