10 Best Episodes Of X-Men: The Animated Series

There are few cartoons that are remembered as fondly as the early 1990s. X-Men: The Animated Series. In the same way Batman: The Animated SeriesX-Men: The Animated Series, based on Marvel’s X-Men comic book, ushered in a new era of high-quality, fantastical offerings on the small screen, including Gargoyles, The tickand Animaniacs. The series first aired on the Fox network in October 1992. Spanning five seasons and 76 episodes, X-Men: The Animated Series has always provided fans of all ages with exceptional entertainment.

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Given the recent announcement of X-Men ’97 to stream on Disney+, and the impending entry of mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s time to revisit the ten best episodes of the original animated series.


“Night of the Sentinels, Part I” S.1 Ep.1

Adopted child Jubilation Lee (Jubilee), fearing capture by the Mutant Control Agency, flees home. At the local mall, a nightmarish sentry appears, looking for the young mutant. A group of super-powered characters, each with distinct abilities and appearances, rush to save the day. Jubilee is then taken to Professor Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

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Having been waiting for a new Marvel animated series for years, viewers were blessed with this first episode. The soon-to-be iconic music and action-packed opening credits were a harbinger of things to come. Characters synonymous with early 1990s comic book stories by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee have been made real. Storm was a force of nature personified; Gambit exuded charm; Cyclops was the general; Wolverine has shown signs of why he’s the best at what he does. A central theme of the X-Men mythos also emerged early on: mutants, victims of prejudice, fought to save those who hated them.

“Deadly Meetings” S.1 Ep.4

Professor Xavier pledged to help Sabretooth, probing the villain’s mind in a quest to answer his immense rage. Wolverine declares his opposition to Sabretooth’s presence, but Magneto’s threat takes the team to a chemical plant. The “Master of Magnetism” handles the X-Men with ease. Rogue’s heroism and tragedy is seen as she saves Storm and Cyclops, struggling to take the male X-Man’s power in the process. Xavier confronts Magneto and refuses to join his old friend’s destructive campaign.

Infamous X-Men adversaries and many untold stories between the characters make Deadly meetings an episode to watch. A connection between Wolverine and Sabretooth is revealed, with the latter suggesting a past personal and professional relationship and the former accusing Sabretooth of murder. The links between Xavier and Magneto are discussed. Although they’ve known each other for years, their missions couldn’t be more different. Xavier, the pacifist, hopes for a coexistence between mutant and human; Magneto, the aggressor, thinks mutants are the next step in human evolution.

“The Remedy” S.1 Ep.9

Snape is both blessed and cursed. Although blessed with superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and the ability to take on another’s features through mere touch, she is emotionally isolated. Thus, Rogue decides to travel to Muir Island where a cure for the mutant gene is apparently offered. However, all is not as it appears.

One of the beauties of the X-Men story is the characters’ vulnerability, insecurities, and even humanity. Snape’s internal struggle is constant, and the viewer is forced to sympathize with her. Although she has extreme power, she cannot enjoy the simple pleasure of human touch.

“Days of Future Past Part I” S.1 Ep.11

Going forward, Bishop is a tracker working for the Sentinels. He encounters Wolverine and apprehends him and his allies. The rebels are taken to a mutant disposal facility. Bishop, realizing his days are also numbered, decides to help Wolverine. After meeting another rebel, Forge, Bishop travels back in time to prevent what is believed to be the cause of the dystopia, crossing paths with the X-Men.

Alternate timelines and possible futures are a key part of the current MCU; such concepts are getting a first release here. The classic days of future past by Chris Claremont and John Byrne strongly influences the episode. It also has traces of the 1990s Weird X-Men screenplay drawn by While Portacio. This animated tale nails the idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic future that unfolds if the events of the past are not altered. There are many interesting easter eggs, such as future tombstones commemorating the deaths of Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, and Jubilee.

“Until Death Belongs To Us Part I” S.2 Ep.1

The second season opener features the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Anti-mutant hysteria is growing rapidly. An ancient hero rises from the grave and begins his revenge.

“Till Death Do Us Part I” is a wonderful insight into the trials and tribulations of 1990s mutants. The mysterious antagonist, Mister Sinister, makes his first full appearance. President Robert Kelly and anti-mutant figure Graydon Creed also feature prominently. Morph, killed in the second episode of the first season, returns, angry that his former teammates left him for dead.

“Repo Man” S.2 Ep.5

Wolverine travels to Canada after receiving a message from an old friend. Once there, he finds himself embroiled in a battle with Alpha Flight, Canada’s super team. The military figure, General Chasen, intends to gain access to Wolverine’s adamantium-laced skeleton.

Aspects of Wolverine’s past, which fascinate fans, are touched upon. Not only does the Alpha Flight cult (including Vindicator, Puck, and Snowbird) feature heavily, but there’s also a reference to the “Weapon X” program, the subject of the Barry Windsor Smith graphic novel.

“The Dark Phoenix Saga Part I – Dazzled” S.3 Ep.11

Following The Phoenix Saga Part 5 – Child of Light, Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggart treat Jean Grey. When Xavier and Jean return to the mansion, the Professor reveals to a concerned Cyclops that the Phoenix Force remains within Jean. Meanwhile, the Inner Circle Club (the Hellfire Club from the comics) plots to control Jean’s mind. Worryingly, the Phoenix Force’s dominance over Jean grows.

The Dark Phoenix Saga is considered a glorious achievement in the Claremont-Byrne race on Weird X-Men. In a hugely ambitious move, the animated series adapts Jean Grey’s metamorphosis into the all-powerful Dark Phoenix. Detailed, episodic anime series storytelling is at its best here; there’s human drama, sci-fi elements, and treats for longtime fans, including appearances from Dazzler and Emma Frost.

“Nightcrawler” S.3 Ep.18

While vacationing in Europe, Wolverine, Rogue, and Gambit come across a demonic-looking figure considered a threat by the locals. Nightcrawler reveals that he had been abandoned as a child, but then chose to dedicate his life to God.

One of the most beloved X-Men, Kurt Wagner, finally gets his due on screen. Faith is an underlying theme of Nightcrawler’s narrative and it’s evident in this episode. At one point, Wolverine states that he had lost his faith in religion, but Nightcrawler helps Wolverine see the light again. At the end of the episode, Wolverine prays in a cathedral, a moving moment.

“A Man’s Worth Part I” S.4 Ep.1

When Bishop and his sister Shard travel back in time to seek help from the X-Men, they find themselves in an unfamiliar setting. Professor Xavier has been erased from the timeline. What remains is a brutal reality with extreme variations of some familiar faces.

1990s Comics Fans Remember Marvel Fondly age of apocalypse, which saw the standard X-Men books put on hiatus, replaced by titles focused on a world without Xavier. While not a full adaptation of the comic book story, it’s still great to see a split dystopia in motion. Storm with a Mohawk, a bearded and heroic Magneto, and a cybernetically enhanced Beast are just three of the highlights.

“Old Soldiers” S.5 Ep.11

During World War II, Canada’s Wolverine teams up with Captain America. The vile Red Skull has assembled a group of scientists to create an army of androids.

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Freely based on Weird X-Men #268, a deeper insight into Wolverine’s background is given. One of the most exciting scenes in the entire series unfolds. Just as an enemy soldier’s bullets are about to penetrate the Canadian agent, a red, white and blue shield blocks their path. The circular projectile also eliminates three enemy soldiers before returning to the hands of the one and only Captain America.

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