10 animated series clearly inspired by the Simpsons

The simpsons set a precedent for animated sitcoms becoming a popular form of television entertainment. A show that focuses on one family episodically, each time exploring new aspects of different characters, but ultimately restoring balance and order for the most part at the end of each episode makes for great TV content.

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The simpsons has become so popular that naturally, over the years, it has inspired many other shows in a similar vein to branch out and explore the basic idea, but inscribe their own identity in it. These shows often find considerable longevity, but The simpsons was the first to establish itself properly, being seen as the constant benchmark when evaluating and validating any new addition to the genre.

ten Beavis & Butt-Head built on chaotic aspects of The Simpsons

Originally broadcast in the 1990s, Beavis and Butthead was a bizarre cartoon with a unique and rather grotesque art style, exploring the lives of two delinquent teenagers who would readily admit to being couch potatoes. Somewhere in the main premise of the series are aspects of Homer and Bart Simpson in particular, from rebellious behavior to lazy attitude towards life.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone from South Park said that Beavis and Butthead was one of the major influences on their show, in terms of presentation and overall content. The simpsons paved the way for all of these shows, with the following titles branching off in different directions.

9 Bojack Horseman was influenced by The Simpsons’ knack for expressing sadness without losing humor entirely

The creator of Horseman Bojack, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, once said that The simpsons was seen as a big influence on the show in general, but mostly in his knack for telling sad stories without sacrificing humor. he would list The simpsons next to Futurama, South Park, and several others as major global influences, hoping to follow in their footsteps.

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Despite all this, Bojack Horseman is more than just an animated sitcom. It tackles real and relevant issues, but is mostly outrageous and hilarious, which makes it the complete package. Similar to the likes of family guy, he walked a tightrope to be funny and offensive.

8 Bob’s Burgers rivals the Simpsons with outrageous, random comedy

Bob’s burgers takes the basic principle of The simpsons and animated sitcoms usually with two parents and three kids, but topple it with hilarious results. The similarities are there with a goofy dad and a more responsible mom, with kids often finding themselves in hilarious and bizarre situations, but the show has its own absurd hilarity that it adds.

It takes humor that can be seen in The simpsons and steer it all to outrageous new heights, placing the show between The simpsons and the likes of family guy, regarding any potentially offensive or controversial comedy they might include.

7 An American Father Is Often Compared To Family Guy And Indirectly The Simpsons

Stan yelling at Avery on a submarine in American Dad

american father is often seen as a copy of family guy, which is only natural considering they were both co-created by Seth MacFarlane. With family guy in turn being often linked to The simpsons in the same way, it would american father something from a grandchild to The simpsons.

Once again, american father is another example of a show that puts its own spin on the heart of the animated sitcom, with people like an alien called Roger, and having the talents of the great Patrick Stewart as a supporting character in Avery Bullock.

6 South Park has also quickly found its niche and is almost as old as The Simpsons.

Cartman sings in a detention center

From 1997, but with roots going back to the early 90s, South Park followed in the footsteps of The simpsons to find its mark and establish itself as a long-standing animated sitcom, still in effect to this day. South Park has found its niche far from the tastes of The simpsons, focusing on a group of friends rather than a family, and exploring events on a whole new scale with more adult humor and language than previous shows.

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As with most animated sitcoms that have had to create a fair amount of content over the years, South Park is known for demolishing celebrities and making fun of topics, whether general or related to pop culture.

5 King Of The Hill & The Simpsons Spearheaded The Animated Sitcom’s Success

Although he no longer runs, King of the hill was undoubtedly to thank for, with The simpsons, making the animated sitcom a legitimate source of entertainment that would keep viewers tuned in on a regular and consistent basis.

King of the hill thrived throughout its existence from 1997 to 2010 with 13 seasons of golden comedy. Its deviation from the standard format of two parents and three children who The simpsons instilled in the genre, saw two parents, an only child and a dog, allowing focus on additional characters where appropriate. Writer Greg Daniels, who had been with The simpsons since 1993, joined the King of the hill project, and once again put his own creative mark on a show. Similarities can be drawn between the two shows, and especially between the locations, Arlen Texas and Springfield.

4 SpongeBob SquarePants packs wacky humor into kids’ show

Spongebob SquarePants writes his essay on procrastination

In what is perhaps a bizarre TV show to consider inspired by The simpsons, Sponge Bob SquarePants turned out to be an adorably fun children’s cartoon and one of the best, littered with humor from the chaotic to the most intelligently orchestrated.

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Just like The simpsons, Sponge Bob SquarePants is primarily based on a primary location, and although it is episodic, this form of television allows for a progressive construction of the viewer’s affection and connection to the place and the characters who inhabit it.

3 Matt Groening’s magic touch has passed to Simpsons’ Futurama

The spirit behind The simpsons, Matt Groening, is also to be thanked for the existence of Futurama. While the latter is stranger, literally, the two shows are easily linked by particular characteristics and general artistic designs that are exhibited. A look at Futurama, and it is quite obvious that he drew heavily on The simpsons.

The simpsons has had a fairly straightforward existence in terms of durability and lifespan, while Futurama had to deal with cancellation, renewal, and then embrace the end again.

2 Disenchantment explores creatures and fantastical aspects that could not be included in The Simpsons

Elfo Luci Vikings Bean

Disenchantment is another Matt Groening-inspired masterpiece that naturally has a lot of similarities and similarities to The simpsons and Futurama. Even if The simpsons had a lot of episodes with fantastic themes allowing the characters to be different versions of themselves in more ways than one, having new shows with similar artistic styles and humor, but at times and contexts different with Futurama and Disenchantment, is a refreshing and effective progression.

While Disenchantment will probably never reach the heights of The simpsons, more and more people are likely to flock to it when they discover its principle, with its similarities but also its differences with its predecessors.

1 Family Guy will always be compared to the Simpsons

family guy has become incredibly successful on its own, but they’ll never really be able to pass comments that poke fun at the fact that this is a copy of The simpsons. Both shows made subtle and not-so-subtle remarks about each other, even with a crossover episode, where similar characters interact with hilarious interactions that ensue.

Although having a model similar to The simpsons in terms of family and characteristics, family guy has always been seen as more grown-up and controversial, with cuts that poke fun at real people and events.

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