10 airlines with the most luxurious first class seats

Millions of economy class travelers know what it’s like to peek through the first class curtain of an airplane and wonder: what’s going on in there? A lot, what is it. These first-class guests sip complimentary champagne, eat caviar from a silver spoon, and prepare to convert their seats into fully flat beds for the night flight. Soon they’ll be donning their comfy organic cotton loungewear, another freebie from the airline.

First class is for well-heeled travellers, as these high airfares will usually cost between 5 and 10 times the economy fare, which means that a $500 one-way ticket in economy to, say, Paris, will result in somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 for first class. So every traveler has to decide if it’s worth it. For those new to flying first class, here’s a sampling of what travelers can expect in the luxury category, based on the most comprehensive data from Skytrax, the UK-based company that owns the World Airline Awards, an airline and airport ranking site.

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10/10 ANA All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airlines offers first class seats that convert to fully flat beds and have privacy doors on the Airbus A380. Each seating area has a large screen TV and ample storage space. A new first class suite on the B777-300ER aircraft can be configured to accommodate two passengers traveling together. ANA Skychannel offers everything from Hollywood blockbusters to new Japanese releases to children’s games. Japanese and international cuisine is offered on board the airline.

9/10 British Airways

British Airways first class passengers enjoy private suites, with seats that convert to flat beds, quilted mattresses and cotton duvets and pillows. Passengers can slip into complimentary loungewear from Temperley London and start unwinding. First-class customers can create their own dining experience thanks to the airline’s Dine Anytime policy, with menus featuring British ingredients. Entertainment offerings include 1,000 hours of in-flight channel programming and free Wi-Fi is available.

8/10 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific claims to have the softest beds in heaven. These seat conversions are completely flat, of course, and feature a thick mattress, 600-thread-count sheets, multiple fluffy pillows, and even a soothing pillow mist. Mealtime is whenever a First Class passenger wishes and all meals are cooked to order. The airline’s menu features Hong Kong flavors and several signature favorites. Noise-canceling headphones muffle any airplane noise, and entertainment includes top Hollywood hits and TV shows, podcasts, and music.

7/10 Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways offers separate seating for privacy, with seats that convert to flat beds, where customers can relax and watch movies or TV shows or listen to playlists and podcasts. First-class travelers choose from a boutique wine list of pairing options for every course of their meal, which is a la carte and served anytime. Free Wi-Fi and an Italian wellness kit are provided for all First Class guests.

6/10 Emirates

Close the doors of an Emirates First Class seat and start dreaming of dinner. Meals range from gourmet appetizers and caviar to a multi-course meal featuring ingredients like Australian Angus beef and produce sourced from local farms in Japan. Meals can be ordered in each private first class suite at any time, and they are served on fine Royal Doulton china. Seats convert to fully flat beds, and entertainment options include HBO Max, hundreds of streaming services and channels, and live TV. Before arriving at their destination, First Class customers can enjoy a refreshing spa shower.

5/10 Japanese Airlines

Seats that convert to extended beds with retractable privacy dividers make Japan Airlines’ first-class service a secluded experience. Each seat console area features woodgrain furnishings, a storage compartment and entertainment controls. The menus created by the chef offer dishes from Japanese cuisine such as vegetable curry with Japanese potatoes and onions. Movies, videos, e-books and games are among the wide variety of entertainment options for First Class customers. And all first-class passengers receive “relaxing” clothes made from 100% organic cotton.

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4/10 Lufthansa

Lufthansa boasts that its first-class ergonomic seats can be perfectly adjusted to suit each passenger, and those wishing to sleep can ask the cabin crew to convert the seat into a flat bed with a thermo-regulating duvet, so no more flights. cold. Lufthansa First Class passengers can choose from more than 100 films in eight languages, as well as 200 TV programs and sports channels. Passengers who prefer audio entertainment can choose from a wide selection of available CDs, audiobooks and podcasts. Lufthansa promises Michelin-quality cuisine. Meals are à la carte and passengers can decide when they want to eat.

3/10 qatarairways

Qatar Airways offers first class passengers fully reclining beds for a super relaxing journey. Meal service is a la carte, allowing passengers to choose exactly what they wish to dine on. Qatar offers its signature caviar service to those in first class, and the delicacy is served on handcrafted Italian crystal. According to the airline, Osciettra caviar is served with a basket of warmed buttermilk blinis and Melba toast. Around 4,000 entertainment options are offered on board.

2/10 Airlines to Singapore

First class at Singapore Airlines means mood lighting, curved seat bulkheads for privacy, and extra-wide seats that can convert into extended beds. The first class suites of the Airbus A380 offer double beds. Entertainment is plentiful, with 1,800 options, and Wi-Fi is available on all Singapore Airlines aircraft except the Boeing 737-800NG. Entertainment is enhanced with a video touchscreen handset and a 24-inch HD personal LCD monitor with headphones. The airline’s in-flight meal service offers meal pre-ordering up to 24 hours before flight time.

1/10 Air France

Air France’s luxurious first-class suites have seats that convert to flat beds, electronically controlled blinds, mood lighting options and even a cashmere blanket. Retractable partitions can be raised for more privacy. Already known for its above-average cuisine in all classes, Air France recently unveiled new Michelin-starred menus for first and business class. Think shrimp in a lobster sauce flavored with tarragon, red rice and baby spinach, for example. Entertainment options include choices from 1,000 hours of programming, with hundreds of titles available in different languages.

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